Four of Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone Movies are Streaming for Free

by John Jamison

Fans of “Blue Bloods” wanting to explore some of Commissioner Frank Reagan actor Tom Selleck’s other work, look no further. A selection of the iconic actor’s “Jesse Stone” movies are available to stream at no cost.

Come to think of it, all of you “Bosch” fans out there might be just as interested. Based on Robert B. Parker’s detective novels by the same name, the “Jesse Stone” TV adaptations aren’t all that far off the Amazon Original show’s model. Of course, the major difference comes in the format. Tom Selleck’s “Jesse Stone” adaptations are all made for TV movies.

Now, four of them are available on Crackle—a free streaming service available to anyone with an internet connection and a modern device. The only catch is that there are nine total “Jesse Stone” movies to date, with another in the works. So the four movie selection won’t get anyone fully caught up, but it’s definitely a good starting point.

In terms of the adaptations available on Crackle, the best place to start is “Jesse Stone: Stone Cold.” It was released in 2005 as the first of the movie series. It does pick up after the events of the first novel, however. So those looking for some background before jumping in may want to find “Night Passage” and give it a watch first. Even though it was released a year later, it serves as a prequel to “Stone Cold.”

It’s important to keep in mind that all of the movies function independently in terms of story. It may help to go in order, but each will make sense without having seen another. The other three movies available on Crackle are the more recent offerings. In order, there’s “Innocents Lost,” “Benefit of the Doubt,” and “Lost in Paradise.”

Tom Selleck as Former Detective Jesse Stone

Like Harry Bosch, Tom Selleck’s Jesse Stone used to be a homicide detective for the Los Angeles Police Department. But after his drinking caught up with him, he was forced to resign. Stone took his show on the road to Massachusetts, where he looks a fool during an interview for a police chief position in a small, seemingly innocent town named Paradise.

After getting hired, Tom Selleck’s character realizes how dire the situation in Paradise truly is. He has to contend with all kinds of mafia-related crime, corruption, and his own demons.

“I read ‘Stone Cold,’ from the late Robert B. Parker. And I just said, ‘I got to play this guy.’ Jesse is so flawed, and he’s such a mess, and yet he’s a good guy. I just think people root for him, and he’s funny. He doesn’t feel sorry for himself,” Tom Selleck told CBS in 2011.

The 10th “Jesse Stone” movie is currently in production.