Frank Sinatra’s Former California Home for Sale at $21.5 Million: Take a Tour of ‘Byrdview Estate’

by Jonathan Howard

Good news for those that have a few million lying around, Frank Sinatra’s former California home is up for sale. It will only take $21.5 million to make it yours! The home, located 30 miles north of Los Angeles was the home of Sinatra for about a decade in the 1950s and 1960s. However, there are more famous connections to the home.

Diehard Sinatra fans will know this house by its common name, the Byrdview Estate. Built in 1949, the home has gone from the famous singer to all kinds of famous hands over the years. In the years since Sinatra dwelled within the walls, it has even been used as a film set. Mad Men used the home at times and there have been a number of films and shows that have used the property.

The home is outfitted with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and of course a pool out back. It is the epitome of mid-century design with all kinds of modern stylings. It sits on a hill overlooking the area below. Also, plenty of trees surround the property on one side. Of course, a house of this size is going to have a guesthouse. This one had quite the guest for a time.

Marilyn Monroe took up residence in the guesthouse for a period of time. With 14 acres, a gate, and a driveway almost a mile in length, this is a private haven. It makes sense that Frank Sinatra and Monroe would have enjoyed staying here away from LA. For someone that has the money, this property is going to have everything and more. Especially after undergoing a $1 million renovation in recent years.

See a tour of the home below.

Frank Sinatra and His Many Relationships

Throughout his career, since 1939, Frank Sinatra had many relationships with a variety of people. By the time he passed away in 1998, he had been married to four different women. Not to mention his other relationships that may or may not have gone on in the background. However, one of his non-romantic relationships may have had a larger impact on Sinatra.

That relationship was his close friendship with Marilyn Monroe. While rumors swirled and gossip outlets said what they wanted, the two were not romantically involved. The actress would go on to die in 1962 at the age of 36. According to Sinatra’s long-time friend and manager, Tony Oppedisano, the singer never got over her death.

While Frank Sinatra would go on to live 36 years after the fact, he never shook the loss. While the two were close friends it never became a physical relationship. That was due to the fact that Sinatra felt that Monroe had already been used and taken advantage of by so many others in her life.

According to Oppedisano, Sinatra said, “I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I didn’t want to be another older guy who appeared to take advantage of her and then leave her flat.”