George Strait Is Old-School Cool in Throwback Photo, ‘Ace In The Hole’

by Katie Maloney

George Strait gets us again with a throwback photo and song pun.

The King of Country is also kinda the king of social media. He’s been serving fans throwback photos with quotes from his songs for months. Most recently, he showed fans what it means to be old-school cool with a photo of himself in front of a pool table. A clean-shaven Strait holds his cowboy hat and looks into the camera daring anyone to try and question his cool-man status.

Along with the photo Strait wrote, “You’ve got to have an ace in the hole. #AceInTheHole”

What’s The Story Behind George Strait’s ‘Ace In The Hole’

We all need a plan B, a trick up our sleeve, an ace in the hole, for when life throws us a curveball. George Strait sings about exactly that in his song “Ace In The Hole.” During the song, Strait sings, “You’ve got to have an ace in the hole. A little secret that nobody knows. Life is a gamble, a game we all play. But you need to save something for a rainy day.”

“Ace In The Hole” was the third single from Strait’s 1989 album, Beyond the Blue Neon. The song became his 18th number one country single and his 11th chart-topper in a row. The song spent 21 weeks on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and peaked in the number one spot. Apparently, the phrase really resonated with George Strait because the name of his touring band is “The Ace in the Hole Band.” He was the band’s lead singer before beginning his solo career in the early 1980s.

Additionally, Strait launched a SiriusXM channel last Spring. The channel is called Ace In The Hole Radio and features personal stories from George Strait himself. The channel also plays some of Strait’s biggest hits, including his 60 number one hit songs.

SiriusXM president and chief content officer Scott Greenstein, said that the channel helps fans connect to their favorite artist during a time when music is crucial.

“These channels, combined with our already incredible set of artist-dedicated channels, make SiriusXM the ultimate audio destination to bring fans closer to the artists they love, and at a time when people can use some great music,” said Greenstein.

George Strait’s “Ace In The Hole”