‘Gilligan’s Island’: Bob Denver and Tina Louise Appeared in a Beach Movie Before the Show

by Clayton Edwards

“Gilligan’s Island” was a great show. From the memorable theme song to the crazy shenanigans that the castaways got up to, the show was pure fun. Each of the characters served as a foil for those around them.

The writers knew how to keep things fresh and familiar at the same time. The thing that made it work so well was seeing the characters interact and deal with the outlandish situations. In short, there is so much to love about this classic sitcom.

Did you know that the island wasn’t the first place that saw Gilligan and Ginger together on a beach? They weren’t playing their “Gilligan’s Island” characters at the time, but Bob Denver and Tina Louise were in a beach party movie together.

The movie was called “For Those Who Think Young,” and it came out just months before the classic show hit the airwaves according to MeTV.

“Gilligan’s Island” Stars Go to the Beach

Bob Denver and Tina Louise played Kelp and Topaz McQueen in “For Those Who Think Young.” It’s a fun teen beach party comedy. In the movie, they have to work together with their fellow beach-loving friends to save a popular college hangout. An old, rich, former bootlegger hopes to shut the club down.

At the same time, the local college administration is concerned about underage drinking at the establishment.

The trailer doesn’t give away much about the plot of “For Those Who Think Young.” In fact, it makes no mention of the actual plot. The voiceover in the trailer says it’s a “Frollick loaded with guys and gals dedicated to the pursuit of each other,” in true sixties fashion. Before that, it is billed as the “Youngest, freshest, wildest motion picture ever to surf up on the screen.”

It does, however, show off both of the “Gilligan’s Island” stars’ roles. It looks like Bob Denver’s character, Kelp, is a new age surfer hippie type. At the same time, Tine Louise plays a stunning stage performer in a revealing sequined outfit.

You also get a look at the popular hangout that they are trying to save. Honestly, it looks like a really fun place to be. It houses live music, standup comedy, and some of the best-looking people to ever hit a beach. It’s obvious why they would want to keep it open. Likewise, it’s obvious why some old stick-in-the-mud would want to shut it down. It’s the perfect setup for one of these types of movies. The casting is great as well.

The movie looks like it would be a fun watch, especially for fans of early sixties cinema and “Gilligan’s Island.”