Glenn Close Says It ‘Might Be Cool’ to Never Win an Oscar, After 7 Un-Won Nominations

by Katie Maloney

Powerhouse actress, Glenn Close opens up about never winning an Oscar despite being nominated seven times throughout her career.

Undoubtedly, Glenn Close has some serious acting chops. However, her talents aren’t reflected in the number of Oscars she’s won. In fact, even after seven nominations, Close hasn’t come home with a single win. During an interview with Pete Davidson, Close opened up about her past Academy disappointments.

“I just have to keep doing what’s good. You’re fulfilled by your work, and that’s the process to me. It’s what feeds my soul, but it really is nice when other people like it,” said Close.

In fact, Close said that it might even “be cool to never get one,” referring to winning an Oscar.

If she really does go her entire career without ever receiving an Oscar, she’ll join the “cool” crowd of impressive actresses who never won including, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Lauren Bacall, Sigourney Weaver, and Annette Benning.

Glenn Close opens up about career with Pete Davidson.

What Is Glenn Close’s Opinion Of The Academy Awards?

Close received her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 1983 for her role in The World According to Garp. Just one year later, she was nominated again for her performance in The Big Chill. Since then, Close has been nominated five additional times for the films The Wife, Albert Nobbs, Dangerous Liaisons, The Natural, and Fatal Attraction.

Most recently, people are buzzing about Close’s performance in the recent Netflix hit, Hillbilly Elegy. Despite being nominated seven times, Close has yet to snag the award. She says that after witnessing several wins throughout her career, she believes there is a lot more to an Academy win than just talent.

“So, I think who wins has a lot of things to do with how things have been, you know, whether it has traction or whatever,” Close added. “Publicity, how much money did they have to put it out in front of everybody’s sight. I have to be philosophical about it if I was upset about it…”

Regardless, Close acknowledges that simply being nominated is an honor.

“I’m very proud of the times that my peers have felt that my performance was worthy of attention,” said Close.

She also joked that, at this point, she’d rather receive a lifetime achievement award.

“Is it better to be wheeled out in a wheelchair and get the lifetime achievement award?” asked Glenn. “You don’t have to make a speech!” she joked while laughing.

In conclusion, whether she wins an Oscar or not, Glenn Close remains a silver screen powerhouse.

Glenn Close In Hillbilly Elegy