‘Gold Rush’ Star and Army Vet Fred Lewis Honors Those Who Served on Veterans Day

by Chase Thomas

Veterans Day was Thursday and Fred Lewis, an Army veteran himself and star of the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush, took the time to honor those that served the United States of American those that continue to do so.

The tweet itself read, “We are so thankful for all who have served and continue to serve. Honoring you this #VeteransDay.”

Lewis in the video said, “I spent 14 years in the Army as a Korean linguist and as a special forces medic, so Veterans Day is pretty important to me. Right now, ten percent of our country consists of veterans and there’s a large population of individuals that really sacraficed quite a bit for the freedoms that we enjoy here at home. So it’s a day to really recognize that sacrafice and what it has done for us as a country and just be thankful that people are oversees fighting for our freedom and keeping us safe in the future.”

Fred Lewis on ‘Gold Rush’

Did you know that Lewis has quite the backstory? In an interview with Military.com he revealed that after leaving the military he worked in a field you might not expect if you’re a big fan of Gold Rush. Let’s just say it’s a little bit different.

Lewis said, “I studied and got a master’s in education and a bachelor’s in science of web design. I never really found my path. I was a high school biology teacher, middle school history teacher, high school rec wrestling coach, volleyball coach, bouncing around trying to find something.”

Lewis was a busy guy. After moving on from the military, he had to reinvent himself and it’s interesting that he chose the educational route, impressively earning both a master’s and a bachelor’s degree. Before Gold Rush, and after the military, he wasn’t really sure what to do, but he kept taking chances. He tried teaching and web design and getting more degrees. Life can be hard and changing gears as Lewis had to late in his adult life is no small feat.

Thankfully, he stumbled into Gold Rush. He was actually a fan of the program before he ended up finding his way onto the show. He watched previous seasons, and ultimately made the plunge to really make a go of it after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Gold Rush was another opportunity for Lewis to try something different as he continued to look for the next thing in his life. It looks like he may have found it on the program and how cool is it that he gets to work with so many other veterans on the show as well?