‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Returns to Promise Land in New Video

by Jonathan Howard

Those folks over at Gold Rush have a lot of work to do. Star Parker Schnabel is having to rethink and rework his operations. Tonight marks a special night for fans of the show.

Last year, Big Nugget had a good season. Schnabel has to focus on replicating that the best he can. While there are no guarantees in this line of business, sometimes you have to look elsewhere. Parker is set to return to one of his old stomping grounds. The show’s Twitter page shared a video talking about Mud Mountain.

“We had a really good season last year,” Schnabel started out. “I don’t know if we’re going to be able to match that. The big challenge now isn’t in mining, it’s staying ahead of the operation.”

Part of staying ahead means moving things around. So, it seems that Parker is going to have to move out of Mud Mountain and move over to the Promised Land. This move is an effort to dig in more shallow ground. That means there isn’t as much digging, and the gold is closer to the surface. At the Promised Land, the good stuff is almost just under the surface.

However, this means that the area has been cleared out in the past before. Mud Mountain is hard to dig because of all the mud for one, and the depth they have to dig. So, a move at this point makes sense. Schnabel has put himself in the top-5 gold producers in the Klondike. If he thinks this move is necessary, then it must be worthwhile.

Tonight is Gold Rush night. Not only is the main show debuting a new episode, but there will also be an episode of White Water as well as The Dirt following after.

‘Gold Rush: The Dirt’ Sneak Peek

Ahead of tonight, Outsider got a sneak peek look at the upcoming edition of Gold Rush: The Dirt. This behind-the-scenes show gives viewers what doesn’t make the regular show. Take a look at how the processes and the work are actually done. Also, there are some new toys as well as answers to questions that fans have had on their minds.

Fans are going to be treated to a look at the gold cleaning process. While viewers have seen bits and pieces, this seven-step process has never been shown on the show before. It takes lots of water and a willingness to get dirty. It’s all worth it to see the shiny nuggets of precious gold.

Viewers are going to get a look at so much tonight after Gold Rush and White Water. It is all going to come out in a new episode tonight at 10 PM on Discovery.