‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Spoke on the ‘Struggle’ of Getting into Mining at Young Age

by Joe Rutland

“Gold Rush” star Parker Schnabel recalled getting into such a rough-and-tumble business like gold mining as a youngster.

Schnabel talked about that time of his life during an interview with The Malestrom.

When asked by the interviewer about getting starting at 15 years old, he said, “Yeah, we were on there a little bit right. It’s been a very long, interesting time that’s for sure.”

Schnabel also was asked if it was hard to be taken seriously at that age.

“You know, it wasn’t too difficult because I did really enjoy it,” the “Gold Rush” star said, “And in the early years I had a lot of fun doing the show and learning how to mine. It was a struggle, but it was also fun.”

Schnabel, by the way, was eyeing a victory in the show’s 2020 season. Things started looking bleak, but then production picked up and the teams were mining more than ever before. They celebrated with cigars and drinks after a tough season. Originally, Schnabel wanted 7,000 ounces but the crew pulled in more than 7,400 ounces of gold. “Gold Rush” officials said that’s worth about $9 million.

“This season started out as one of the worst seasons we’ve ever had and ended up the absolute best,” Schnabel told his team. “And everyone one of you guys had something to do with that, and I thank you all for that.”

“Gold Rush” follows the work of families that are active in the mining industry. The show covers their work around Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. It also has featured mining work done in South America and in the western areas of North America.

‘Gold Rush’ Has Amassed A Number of Episodes, Spin-Offs

With the popularity of a show like “Gold Rush,” it’s bound to be one that the Discovery Channel looks at for psion-off opportunities.

Well, Discovery certainly has taken advantage of them with this show.

How long has “Gold Rush” been on TV? The original show has been on for 11 seasons, a total of 258 episodes.

Before looking at the show’s total number of spin-offs, there will be a new one called “Winter’s Fortune.”

According to Discovery Channel, the show is a “first-ever look inside the ‘high-stakes gambles of the gold-mining offseason’ as one mining season ends and the fight for the next one begins.”

Who is going to appear on the show? Well, Tony Beets, Rick Ness, Dave Turin, Fred Lewis, and Dustin Hurt are expected to have roles.

Other spin-offs have included “White Water,” “Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” “Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue,” “Bering Sea Gold,” “Flying Wild Alaska,” and “Jungle Gold.” So, that’s seven spin-offs including the new one from the “Gold Rush” original.