‘Gold Rush’ Producer Talks Challenge of Making Show Interesting

by Megan Molseed

The popular Discovery Channel series Gold Rush has been piquing the interest of fans since 2010. With its unique premise, following a group of gold miners as they search for the valuable element, Gold Rush has become one of the cable channel’s top-rated series.

So, how has this happened? How have Gold Rush showrunners put the popular series together to bring audiences in? How has a show about various groups of people mining for gold become a jewel among the Discovery Channel shows?

“That is the challenge: How do we make what we do interesting?” notes Gold Rush producer Ed Gorsuch of the surprise hit series.

“How do we make the stories of guys who dig in the ground and wash rocks and look for little bits of metal—how do we make that interesting year after year,” the producer continues in an interview with Reality Blurred. “And come up with a story that people want to see?”

The answer, Gorsuch says, lies in developing the reality show’s characters in such a way that the series becomes interesting to a wide range of Discovery Channel viewers.

And, Ed Gorsuch adds, it all comes down to the balance the Gold Rush has created in the series.

“We have to care about the gold, too,” Gorsuch says in the interview.

“Why do I care if this character wants to get X amount of gold? What’s the personal investment for this?” the producer notes.

‘Gold Rush’ Gives Fans Plenty Of Drama

Gorsuch notes that building up the stories of the Gold Rush stars is what keeps viewers returning each week.

When the viewers are invested, they will tune in; cheering their favorite Gold Rush miners on in their journeys.

“I’m always amazed that people are as invested in the characters and their struggles as they are,” Gorsuch says.

“We don’t just turn the cameras on and shoot randomly,” the Gold Rush producer explains.

The producer adds that while gold is the center of the series, the showrunners try to plan to shoot the surrounding stories of the players in each episode.

“We do focus on a story or character,” Gorsuch adds. “We do try to have a plan each day or at least each week on what we want to emphasize.”

A hit on the Discovery Channel since it premiered eleven years ago, Gold Rush follows the adventures of multiple gold miners and their teams.

These miners, Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Tony Beets, and others among others risk it all each week as they dig to unearth profitable chunks of gold throughout the United States and Canada. Primarily within the Klondike area of Dawson City, Yukon, Canada.

During its time on the air, the popular Discovery Channel series has also introduced us to some of the miner’s families including the Schnabels, the Hoffmans, and the Beets, all of whom are determined to make hit the big-time in their search.