‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness Breaks Down the Differences Between Winter and Summer Mining

by Amy Myers

For the stars of Gold Rush, mining is a year-round business. A bit of cold weather doesn’t stop these industry titans, nor does a heatwave. However, in order to reach the most metal, these miners will change their target locations to best accommodate the weather and ground conditions. That means venturing outside of Yukon and into “the real world.”

“Comeback kid” Rick Ness has learned how to methodically choose his digging locations based on the lay of the land. Recently, the Gold Rush mine boss explained the thought process behind his team’s movements throughout the year during an interview with Hollywood Soapbox.

“For me and my guys in general, we start off in Wisconsin, and we road trip all the way out to Colorado,” Ness shared. “We stop at places in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona — some of it business, some of it pleasure. The cameras catch it all, and I think people are really going to enjoy it. We all had a lot of fun doing it, and we all got a lot of work done, too.”

Ness also explained that even though their job lasts all year, the team only digs for about six months. The rest of the time, they’re prepping for the next season.

“There’s still a lot of work to do. Mining is definitely still front and center. It’s a year-round thing,” the Gold Rush star said. “We can only do it for six months physically, so we’re not moving dirt in the off-season, but, especially for me, there’s a lot of planning and a lot of organizing and a lot of logistics and setup for shipping for the new season and stuff like that.”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Details His Crew’s Winter Workload

Although there’s still a lot of work during the off-season, that doesn’t mean that Gold Rush star doesn’t like to have a little fun. Unlike his co-star and former boss, Parker Schnabel, Ness isn’t much of a “yeller.” Instead, he tends to be more level-headed in his management approach. So, during the wintertime, when his team works to prep the equipment for their next travels, he tends to show his softer, more easygoing side. Ness admitted he likes to “kind of trick” his team into thinking they’re heading on a leisurely trip but then mixes in “a lot of business.”

“We’re up here working our tails off, and that’s about all we got time for. In the wintertime, there’s still a lot of work to be done, prep work and stuff, but I think people can see that me and my crew definitely like to have a lot of fun,” Ness explained. “There’s a good mix of that in there. It’s basically a big, long road trip with [my crew].”