‘Gold Rush’: Rick Ness Reveals the Part of Process That Causes Miners to ‘Lose Focus’

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the hit Discovery Channel reality series “Gold Rush” know that striking gold is much easier said than done.

“Gold Rush” follows individuals and teams with one thing on their mind and that is finding gold buried in the earth. It is a very tedious job as you go long periods of time before hitting paydirt and find valuable pieces. It is easy for “Gold Rush” teams to have lapses in concentration and also focus. The job requires a great deal of patience and also an understanding that sometimes things don’t move as fast as you like them to. In a 2018 interview, “Gold Rush” star Rick Ness speaks on how it is easy to lose focus doing the tedious chores of a gold miner. He also says that striking gold makes it all worth it and reminds the team why they are there in the first place.

“We got a bit of a late start, and we had a lot of ground to move and a lot of stripping to do this spring,” Ness says in the interview. “It’s kind of easy for everybody to lose focus and forget what they’re there for and what they’re doing. I was seeing that in everybody.”

Ness says he was able to show some “Gold Rush” friends the thrill of striking gold makes it worth the effort.

“It can get monotonous after a while, but as soon as we started sluicing, and as soon as that first gold showed up in the sluice box, I brought my friends in there who had never seen it before and got to see their reactions and the realization dawn across their faces of like ‘Oh, that’s right, that’s why we’re here. There’s gold in the ground, and we’re here to dig it up.’”

‘Gold Rush’ Star Talks Thrill of Striking Gold

As you might imagine, finding the beautiful metal inside the earth’s ground is an addicting adrenaline rush. Ness broke away from fellow “Gold Rush” star Parker Schnabel in a previous season to begin mining gold on his own claim with his own friends. He put together a team that consisted of his best buddies from Wisconsin. There were plenty of ups and downs along the way.

“The guys that I picked, I knew would be up for it,” he says. “In my mind, I also thought that that was a bad idea, honestly, because I did have everything that I own on the line. I thought about just trying to put together a crew of people that had lots of experience. I’ve had a lot of success up there with mining, and I did have the confidence that I could hopefully make this work this year. I just didn’t feel like sharing that with strangers. I wanted to try and give that to my friends, as well. That’s ultimately how I made my decision.”

The 12 season of “Gold Rush” is underway with the new season premiering just a few weeks ago.