‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Star Dustin Hurt Opens Up About Early Career

by Keeli Parkey

For many years, the reality television series “Gold Rush” has been giving fans a look into the lives and the hard work of the people who make mining for gold their life’s work. It’s difficult work. And it can be dangerous work.

The show became so popular that the Discovery network decided to create a spinoff. This spinoff is titled “Gold Rush: White Water.”

This reality television series follows Dustin Hurt and his father, Fred, as they work with their team to brave the waters of Alaska to find gold. The spinoff is now in its fifth season. It has followed the Hurt father-and-son team as they led their coworkers in the search for gold in both the Rockfall Ravine and in the Chilkat Range.

These days, Dustin Hurt is known for his work as a miner in search of gold. However, he did not begin his professional career as a miner. He started working in another field. Fortunately for him, that field would help him develop the skills he would come to need once his mining career began.

You never know where life is going to lead you, after all.

According to an interview “Gold Rush: White Water” star Dustin Hurt gave to Looper during November 2021, before he was a gold miner, he was a firefighter. And before he was a firefighter, Hurt worked in construction.

“I was a dirt worker before I was on the hotshots. And it seemed kind of natural to move from running excavators and running loaders to go dig for gold because I think the difference is simply a sluice box. So I was already trained up for the job. So it just made a lot of sense to go check it out,” Hurt said.

‘Gold Rush: White Water” Star Dustin Hurt Said Going to Hunt for Gold ‘Was Just a Good Move for Me’

The reality television star also said that his career as a firefighter didn’t last as long as he had hoped it would.

“Yeah, well, the hotshot thing didn’t work out as well as I wanted it to,” Dustin Hurt explained. “But afterward, it was just a good move for me to go look for gold. Because you know, it was something I was passionate about. I had the experience already.”

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dustin Hurt began working in construction after he graduated from high school. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and was educated there.

After he worked in construction, Hurt moved to California so he could work – as previously said – as a firefighter. He went to work for the California Forest Service while he was in his early 20s. His work at this point in his life was focused on finding and stopping wildfires.

When Hurt’s career as a firefighter came to an end, his father, Fred Hurt, convinced Dustin to join him in the work of finding gold. That, of course, led to “Gold Rush: White Water.”