Gwen Stefani Mentioning Blake Shelton’s Late Brother and Dad in Wedding Vows Left Country Star Stunned

by Evan Reier

It seems like every detail we get from Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s wedding makes it sound even more magical than the last.

The pair wed on July 3 after lengthy fanfare and prep. The couple’s Oklahoma property played host to the wedding as it features a chapel, so basically everyone’s dream scenario.

One of the most discussed details of the wedding was the song that Blake Shelton wrote for Gwen Stefani. Instead of classic vows, the pair wrote their own and fans of the duo were in love with the song “We Can Reach the Stars” that Shelton sung for his vow.

However, the country singer said Stefani’s vows were equally stunning in a new update to PEOPLE. Interestingly, fellow The Voice star Carson Daly prompted them to write their own vows, which Shelton said meant a lot to Stefani.

“She took that really hard, took it to heart and talked about it all the time,” Shelton says. “She was like, “Oh my God, I’m still working on it.'”

One can only imagine. While both Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had been previously married, the weight of the moment still weighed heavy on the pop singer’s heart.

Gwen Stefani Mentions Blake Shelton’s Late Family Members

While the entirety of the self-written vows connected on a deep level with Shelton and Stefani, the former says the part that meant the most was her section about his late brother and father.

“The thing that got to me,” Shelton started. “Was she spoke about my [late] brother and my dad as if she had known them almost. She didn’t make it seem that way, but it felt that way as she was speaking about them. She said she wished they were there and what kind of men she thinks they must’ve been. Man, it hit me. Like, I couldn’t believe how hard it hit me.”

When Shelton was just 14, his brother Richie died in a car crash in 1990. His father passed away in 2012 after his health declined.

Stefani being able to honor and respect them without forcing it is something truly special. Further, it helped remind Shelton that he needed to stay in touch with what the loss of those two means to him.

“I felt like at this point, I’ve kind of gotten calloused,” Blake Shelton said. “I guess I’m not because that absolutely slayed me. It’s hard to even remember what else she even said. I’ll never forget that feeling.”

One can only imagine what it must’ve felt like to stand up there and hear that. So it’s totally understandable that Shelton had to break from reality to digest. All the same, it’s clear the two shared a special moment and a special relationship.