Gwen Stefani Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Video of New Music Video

by Madison Miller

For those that missed the memo, Gwen Stefani is reintroducing herself. However, she’s doing so by bringing back all her old iconic looks and the nostalgia hits hard.

The pop singer released a new single in 2020 called “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.” It will also be the name of her new upcoming album.

Stefani recently also introduced to fans for the first time a behind-the-scenes look at filming for the song’s music video.

She gave a peek on Instagram. The full video is also available on her YouTube channel.

Stefani talked about the process of filming the video and the overall goal behind it creatively. She said she wanted it to be closely related to the song. This meaning, it’s focused on all the different versions of her.

However, a lot of the magic happened in editing to make it look like Stefani was vibing with older versions of herself.

“I have to imagine there are going to be other people there. It’s actually really weird to be playing yourself from a million years ago, but it actually feels really normal,” she said.

The video shows off all the “Gwen Stefanis” of the past. She talked about the original idea she had and how it worked out in the end.

“I wanted it to be the original ‘Just a Girl’ me and the 2020 me. Then we were going to superimpose us together … I really wanted to do something that was kind of back to my roots … just kind of where I started musically.”

The result was a nostalgic and fun representation of Stefani’s 2020 song. It was also a reminder of all the work Stefani has done in the past.

Looking into ‘Let Me Reintroduce Myself’

Gwen Stefani really touched on the importance of her video, but what exactly is it made up of?

The 51-year-old singer really does relive some of her best past looks. She looks back on everything from her “Hollaback Girl” and “Don’t Speak” days, as well as some of her best looks on the red carpet.

Many fans took to social media to share side-by-sides of Stefani dressing up as her most popular “old selves.” The sense of nostalgia was powerful amongst long-standing Stefani fans.

Beyond being a music icon, Stefani has been a fashion icon as well. From her blue-haired teenage days to her fur-wearing, red lipstick diva stage to that infamous ponytail, Stefani’s fashion has evolved creatively over time.

She first released a teaser with her 1995 music video look from No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” in December. It was her recreating the iconic white crop top with red-and-blue stripes paired with blue cargo pants.

According to ET Online, Stefani took quarantine as an opportunity to write new music. It was a process she wanted to experience, whether or not she released the songs.

“I just was like, ‘I don’t even care if nobody hears this, I got to write some songs. So it was almost like I didn’t have anything to say. I didn’t think until I started writing,” she told The Zane Lowe Show.