Happy Birthday Jerry Springer: Reliving His Wildest TV Moments

by Matthew Wilson
Happy Birthday Jerry Springer: Reliving His Wildest TV Moments

Jerry Springer turns 77-years-old today. The long-standing talk show host was born on Feb. 13, 1944, over in Middlesex, England.

Springer is known for his extreme antics, shocking audiences on his programming. From 1991 to 2018, Springer was the host of the extremely popular “The Jerry Springer Show.” That show cast a lens at America and often sought out the most strange and surprising people and stories.

The show had its fill of “baby mama drama,” infidelities, brawls, and every manner you can think of. In some ways, the show functioned like a modern-day carnival.

To celebrate Springer’s birthday, Outsider took a look at some of the most shocking moments from his show.

A ‘Jerry Springer’ Guest Loses Her Teeth

This prostitute should have probably secured her teeth before trying to secure this woman’s man. Over the years, Springer had multiple infidelity tales on his show. And more often than not, they quickly devolved into brawls. So, it’s little surprise this wife decided to let lose her anger when she discovers her husband has been sleeping with a prostitute.

But during a particularly shocking moment, the sex worker loses her teeth. The top half of her dentures falls out during the exchange. Fortunately, a security guard comes to her aid by putting the teeth in a cup of water.

This Self-Proclaimed Redneck Knows Kung Fu

You’ve heard of The Karate Kid. Now, get ready for the Kung Fu Hillbilly. We would say you better watch out who you make fun of. But sadly, the Kung Fu Hillbilly’s self proclaimed legend seems to be stronger than his karate chops. The Springer guest admitted he learned his not-so deadly kung fu moves by watching martial arts films. But in this case, reality does not reflect fiction.

When it came down to it, the Kung Fu Hillbilly used his moves against his roommate Lil Wayne. No, not the rapper sadly. That would have probably earned a top spot. But the two men took off their shirts and came to blows in what ended up being less climactic than it should have been.

A “Jerry Springer” Guest Cuts Off Her Legs

While most of Springers’ acts devolve into punch-outs, this one was just as sad as it was shocking. A transgender woman, Sandra, chopped off her own legs with a power saw. It takes a lot to truly shock a host like Jerry Springer. But he seemed to be a little loss for words on this segment.

Sandra wheeled herself out to the stage, minus both of her legs. Reportedly, she used the power saw to cleave them away because her brain told her to do it. The whole segment is horrifying in that Sandra clearly needed professional help.

The Ku Klux Klan Incite a Riot

Well, this had a recipe for disaster written all over it. And Springer probably knew it. The TV host increasingly tried to up the shocks as he continued his run. At one point, he invited both the Ku Klux Klan and Jewish Defense League onto the show. This wasn’t a melding of minds as much as an all-out brawl. It probably didn’t help that the Klan was wearing their full robes attire.

The two groups quickly got into a massive fight, throwing stools at each other. The mini-riot even brought members of the audience and staff into the chaos.

This Guy Married a Horse

They say that love is blind. But most people don’t end up marrying a horse. The moment proved so shocking that Springer thought there had been a mistake. He thought the man’s wife had fallen off the horse, instead of you know, actually being the horse. The guest revealed that he had been in a relationship with the animal for over a decade.

We just want to point out that bestiality is illegal in most states and a sure-fire way to not get invited to the next neighborhood barbecue.

This ‘Jerry Springer’ Guest Chopped Off His Own Manhood

Most guys just instinctively winced and crossed their legs. But somehow topping cutting off your own legs for shock and sadness, this “Jerry Springer” guest chopped off his genitals. To make matters worse, the man used a pair of gardening shears to complete the deed. Why would someone intentionally mutilate themselves?

The man said he committed the drastic action in an attempt to ward off a stalker of his. But maybe next time, he should just consider a restraining order instead.