‘Happy Days’: The Two Actors Who Became Musicians in Real Life

by Clayton Edwards

“Happy Days” was one of the biggest shows in television history. Several of its stars went on to do great things in Hollywood. Henry Winkler, who played Fonzie went on to hold over one hundred different acting roles.

At the same time, Ron Howard went on to star in and direct several films. He even won two Oscars for his film “A Beautiful Mind.” The movie won in both the Best Film and Best Director categories. To say that the hit sitcom helped to launch careers would be an understatement. Two of the stars of the show would even go on to land recording contracts.

Anson Williams and Scott Baio who played Potsie and Chachi respectively went on to have brief musical careers. They landed recording contracts after record execs saw their vocal talents on “Happy Days.”

Both Biao and Williams had great voices and their talents were showcased several times on “Happy Days.” For instance, there is a great clip of Baio, as Chachie, singing a duet with Erin Moran as Joanie. They work really well together. You can see why he landed a record deal just by watching him sing to his on-screen girlfriend. The guy had some serious talent.

Anson Williams’ character Potsie was in a band with Richie and Ralph. They often performed at Arnold’s Drive-In. When they performed, it was really Williams on lead vocals. Where Baio was more of a crooner on the show, Williams was great at nailing that old rock and roll sound.

“Happy Days” Stars’ Musical Careers

Both stars landed recording contracts but Scott Baio was the more prolific of the “Happy Days” stars. Baio released two albums in the early eighties. The first was a self-titled album that dropped in 1982. His follow-up album, “The Boys Are Out Tonight” dropped the next year. His first album was the only one to chart and it barely broke the Billboard 200.

Here he is on “The Merv Griffin Show” crooning his single, “What Was in That Kiss?”

Anson Williams, on the other hand, only released one single called “Deeply” which came out in 1977. It peaked at number 93 on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s a solid release but good quality recordings are hard to find online. However, the B-side to the single “I Want to Believe in This One” is readily available.

It seems that both Baio and Williams gave up their recording careers after a short period. However, they both stayed active in television and film. Not only did they both continue to act but they also went on to direct both film and television productions.

“Happy Days” was a huge part of American television history. It also served as the launchpad for several talented actors and filmmakers. The show truly changed the face of TV and film forever.