Here’s What Mike Rowe Says Is Wrong With ‘First Thing’ Youths Are Told When Considering Line of Work

by Keeli Parkey

Thanks to his many years of first-hand experience walking in the shoes of everyday people as they go about their jobs, Mike Rowe has become an authority on what it takes to be successful. He is most famous for his role as the host of the reality television shows, “Dirty Jobs” and “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.”

During an interview with “Praise on TBN,” the 59-year-old television personality shared his thoughts on the problems with how American culture errs when dealing with youths as they make their decisions about their respective professions.

According to Mike Rowe, how Americans view themselves in relation to their work is very different than it used to be.

“The road we take in pursuit of what we’ll call job satisfaction, right, that’s changed. That’s what’s changed. This is a great … alright, let me try and land the plane like this: There was a time when people who were happy in their work didn’t start their quest for happiness by trying to identify the proximate cause of their bliss,” Rowe said.

Next, the television personality makes a case that young people these days are encouraged to prioritize the wrong things.

“In other words, what we tell kids today is, ‘If you want to be happy in your work, the first thing you do is you sit down and you think about what you want to do. And then, once you settle on it, you embark upon a grand plan of action,'” Mike Rowe also said.

Mike Rowe Said ‘Borrowing Money’ for School Can Lead to Debt and Lack of Job Fulfillment

One burden that so many young people take on these days is a pricey loan for their post-secondary educations. And, that doesn’t always lead to happiness in life. In fact, according to Mike Rowe, that route can lead to a lot of unhappiness.

“Now, many times that plan involves borrowing money that you don’t have and then you go to school in order to get all the necessary, uh, credentialing that’ll get you to the next step. And, on and on you go. And, now suddenly, you’re 27 years old and you’re on your path to get the job that will make you happy. But, you’re just running into roadblock after roadblock after roadblock. And, now you’ve got $120,000 in debt. And as it turns out, no, you’re not going to be a political scientist with a major in mid-eastern studies.”

By limiting their options early on, many people become very unhappy in their professional lives, according to Mike Rowe.

“… you’re not happy because you started with this very specific goal. “The people on ‘Dirty Jobs’ … I’m generalizing. But by and large, none of them are doing the thing that they identified in their youth as their wish fulfillment. These are people who looked around and said, ‘Where’s everybody going? I’ll go the other way. Where’s the opportunity?'”

You can watch Mike Rowe’s interview with “Praise on TBN” below. His comments about the “first thing” youths are told about jobs begin around the 2:30 mark.