‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Reacts To Husband Ben Being Named One of the ‘Sexiest Men Alive’

by Michael Freeman

Every year, PEOPLE magazine compiles a (definitely objective) list of the sexiest men alive. As it turns out, Home Town star Erin Napier found out her husband made the list and had a hilarious reaction to the news.

Upon hearing PEOPLE named Ben Napier one of the sexiest men alive, Erin was ecstatic. In her haste to acquire a physical copy of the issue, she visited a CVS in very casual attire, let’s say. Joking about the experience, she announces he’s married to the craziest person at CVS. She posted the story to her Instagram and it’s priceless.

“Twitter just told me my husband is one of the @people sexiest men alive so I went to the pharmacy in my glasses and Christmas pajamas and house shoes and told the women behind the counter what I was looking for, because my husband is in the Sexiest Man Alive issue,” Erin captioned the post. “They nodded, but for sure thought I was a crazy person. Way to go, @scotsman.co 👏🏻🔥 You are married to the craziest woman at CVS!”

Nonetheless, her “craziness” paid off, as the Instagram post contains a photo of Ben and the PEOPLE article. “The HGTV star, 38, has won hearts rehabbing Laurel, Miss., with his wife, Erin, and landed on Fortune’s list of World’s 50 Greatest Leaders this year,” it reads.

The comment section is equally enthusiastic. “Way to go Ben. Well deserved. You should also get a beautiful family award,” one person wrote. With others claiming Ben has the “whole package,” it seems rather unanimous PEOPLE picked a winner.

Overall, it appears both parties hold a prestigious honor, though Ben’s may carry a tad more weight.

Erin Napier Reminds Everyone Life Is ‘Moving Faster’ Than Ever

If you asked Erin Napier if her husband would have been called one of the “sexiest men alive” years ago, she might not have known how to react. Coincidentally enough, a few days ago, she posted a reminder life is “moving faster” than it used to and to treasure the now.

Posting her musings to Instagram, Napier notes some of the things that have become part of her daily routine. In the same breath, she reminisces and reminds people time moves quickly and to savor the moment. “Time feels like it’s moving faster now than it used to and I’m making an effort to remember these vignettes of our life before this season of it passes,” the caption reads. “Here’s your reminder to write it down, take a photo of it, before it’s blurry around the edges in your memory.”

Accompanying the post is a photo of everything Erin mentions, such as Ben’s favorite mug on the coffee pot and their daughter’s (Helen) painting on the fridge. It’s a wholesome, yet simple reminder to live in the moment and savor the memories we’re making.