How the Latest ‘Jeopardy!’ Episode Nearly Ended in a Tie

by Michael Freeman

Jeopardy! matches can be a truly exciting affair, especially recently. With contestants as of late making huge Daily Double wagers and high-risk high-reward play styles being utilized, the games have been close. So close, in fact, last night’s match almost ended in a tie.

Though contestant Andrew He continued his win streak last night, it didn’t come easy. Winning by only a dollar, Andrew was victorious but had he not played the way he did during Final Jeopardy, it could have come down to a tie. Tiebreakers are a rare occurrence, with a final clue being given to the tied contestants and it essentially becoming a buzzer-beater competition. Whoever buzzes first with the correct answer is crowned the winner.

Ken Jennings was in awe after Final Jeopardy concluded, saying the game was fantastic. When it was mentioned you don’t often see that situation, Jennings agreed, saying he’d only seen it once since hosting. “No, I, I had it once when I was guest-hosting before, and it was like ‘I don’t even know what happens here,'” he excitedly stated.

Going on, Jennings talked about not having the tiebreaker back when he played. Being a relatively new addition, previously, there would be co-champions in the event of a tie. Directing the conversation to He, Jennings joked the champion must not have been interested in the final clue. Andrew He responded he gave it a lot of thought but ended up not wanting to risk it. After the tiebreaker being compared to a buzzer race, He admits he didn’t feel confident about chancing it in such a way.

Overall, winning by a single dollar is crazy, but this isn’t the first time He has won by such a close margin.

Andrew He Won a Previous ‘Jeopardy!’ Game by Two Dollars

Champion Andrew He is no stranger to risky play styles and high-betting. He won last night’s match by a dollar, just barely beating his closest match before. Prior to last night, his closest game was a narrow two-dollar win.

In a match a few days ago, Andrew He and Dane Reighard played their hearts out. Both betting it all after getting Daily Doubles, they went into the final round ready to play. Andrew He edged out the win, but only by a slim two-dollar margin. In a recap, it’s noted Daily Doubles really are a key component to the game.

After they both won their Daily Doubles, He turns to Dane, saying “I was hoping that you wouldn’t have the guts.” Reighard fires back “I would never have done it if you hadn’t done it first.”

If nothing else, He continuing to win means the Jeopardy! excitement is likely to continue. Who knows, maybe he’ll eventually get a tiebreaker. Or maybe he’ll win by three dollars at some point.