How ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Hit Fans With Insane Twist in Premiere Episode

by Megan Molseed

The long-awaited premiere of Jeremy Renner’s Paramount+ series The Mayor of Kingstown finally arrived Sunday night, November 14. With this new series, came a lot of exciting storylines, and plenty of twists and turns. And, the biggest Kingstown twist was one that no doubt took many viewers by complete surprise.

From the creators of the wildly popular modern western, Yellowstone, The Mayor of Kingstown tells the story of the McLusky brothers, who pretty much call the shots within the Michigan “prison-town” of Kingstown.

Just a quick warning to readers, there are some major spoilers ahead! Proceed at your own risk! Especially, if you haven’t had the chance to stream the premiere episode of The Mayor of Kingstown yet!

Of course, much of the hype surrounding this brand new Paramount+ series has centered around its all-star cast; as well as the show’s creative team including Taylor Sheridan and Hugh Dillon.

Since the series was first announced last summer, promos for the show have included Disney+’s Hawkeye star, Jeremy Renner as the titular Mayor of Kingstown, and Kyle Chandler as Renner’s on-screen Kingstown brother.

‘The Mayor Of Kingstown’ Delivers Plenty Of Major Surprises

As The Mayor of Kingstown premieres, Renner’s character Mike McLusky delivers an opening monologue declaring he is Kingstown’s “unofficial” mayor.

He may not be the acting Mayor of Kingstown, but Mike McLusky runs the city via the organized crime syndicates and the prison systems.

He is the decision-maker that keeps the current “system” operating in a way that benefits himself and his family. Then, we learn that Kyle Chandler’s character, Mitch McLusky was serving as Kingstown’s official mayor. Just two days prior to Mike McLusky’s monologue. And, Mike works directly under Mitch.

However, this system doesn’t last long. We soon learn that Kyle Chandler’s Mitch McLusky has information about some hidden money. Money that a lot of bad people are after. Then, about halfway through the premiere comes a shocking moment very few expected, as Kyle Chandler’s mayor of Kingstown is murdered for the cash.

In the shocking scene, Mitch is held at gunpoint as he’s ordered to open a safe that contains the cash. Then, in a matter of seconds, Mitch is shot in the back of the head.

A Shocking Exit For One ‘Kingstown’ Star

Certainly, many viewers had already read plenty of promos that touted both Renner’s Mike and Chandler’s Mitch as main Kingstown characters so the fact that one ends up dead halfway through the premiere is incredibly shocking.

However, Chandler’s death in The Mayor of Kingstown does set up the series beautifully for the rest of the plot-points fans have already known.

Renner’s Mike McLusky is now officially running Kingstown, driving the entire story of the intriguing series going forward. We know Mike is massively corrupt. But, maybe dealing with his brother’s murder will drive Mike to change his ways?

Either way, the story is now focused on Renner’s character and how he handles this new and unexpected role taking over for his brother going forward.