How To Watch ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ This Holiday Season

by Amanda Glover

Without watching ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas,’ is it really Christmas? Unless you are lucky enough to have the DVD stashed away somewhere, you might be wondering where else you can watch this year.

For many, Christmas comes with traditions that are never to be broken. Those could be baking Christmas cookies, buying Christmas gifts for loved ones, decorating the tree, hosting/attending holiday parties, listening to favorite holiday tunes, and watching traditional holiday movies.

The famous 1965 animated television film is a tradition for many families around the world. Every holiday, the Charles M. Schulz classics warm the hearts of millions. Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, New Years, or Christmas, fans know they have something special to look forward to on the television.

Unfortunately, ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ will not be on ABC like it was for years. It was quite disappointing to not be able to watch the classic on its usual channel. But instead, fans will have plenty of other options on how to watch one of their favorite Christmas specials.

What Are Your Options for Watching ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas?’

Don’t worry, you still have options that don’t involve a trip to the thrift store or an Amazon rush order.

Last year, Apple TV+ made the program free for non-subscribers in the days leading up to Christmas. Although they are not reliving that this year, there is another option. If you sign up for a free seven-day trial, you will be able to watch the Christmas classic. After that, the streaming service costs a monthly fee of $4.99. Subscribers can access the full Peanuts collection! Something to think about.

Thank You, Charles Schulz

The film made its debut on December 9th, 1965 on CBS. It was also Schulz’s first television special in the Peanut franchise.

The story centers around a young boy named Charlie Brown and how he is lacking holiday spirit. With the help of some classmates, he learns the true meaning of Christmas after getting picked to direct a school play.

As huge fans of the classics, can we all agree we owe the creator, Charles M. Schultz a huge thank you? Without his ideas, our holiday watchlist would be severely lacking. Who would be on our screens to say, “Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you’re the Charlie Brown-est?” What blanket-loving kid would be there to remind us what Christmas is all about? What colorful family would be here to perform their classic dance in the auditorium? Who else would inspire us to pick the smallest tree imaginable before jazzing it up?