Hugh Jackman Moved by Viral Video of Grandpa With Dementia Watching One of His Hit Movies

by Leanne Stahulak

Hugh Jackman’s known for many great films, but few have touched people as much as “The Greatest Showman.” Earlier today, Jackman got to see the effect the film had on one special fan in particular.

According to People, TikTok user CharlieMoose shared a video of his grandfather on the social media platform earlier this week. In the video, Charlie explains how his grandfather has “second stage vascular dementia” and that the “one way to cheer him up” is to watch “The Greatest Showman.”

“I decided to take him to a sing-along [on] the weekend so he can sing the songs,” Charlie wrote in a text caption over the video. “We hope you enjoy.”

When he asked his granddad on a scale of one to 10 how excited he was to go see his favorite film, Charlie’s grandpa said, “345!” The video then jumps between different clips of the pair getting ready to watch the movie and enjoying the grandfather’s “favorite sweets,” which are packed in a picnic basket.

We hear Hugh Jackman and the rest of the cast’s voices blaring out from the speaker, as does Charlie’s grandpa. When he realizes what movie it is, he turns to Charlie and says, “Oh those films are the best I’ve ever seen.”

“You happy we’re here?” Charlie asks him. His granddad nods several times.

Charlie continues to show clips of his granddad smiling throughout the film, and singing along to his favorite tune, “From Now On.”

At the end of the video, Charlie writes, “Life is about memories, whatever stage of life.” We hear the final notes of the movie play, and Charlie asks, “Did you enjoy it?”

“Wonderful. I could watch it again,” his grandpa replies. As the credits start playing, his granddad starts tearing up.

Hugh Jackman Shares Viral Video Of Grandpa Watching ‘The Greatest Showman’ With Special Message

It didn’t take long for the touching video to go viral. Eventually, it found its way to Hugh Jackman, who reposted the heartwarming video on his own Twitter and Instagram pages.

You can see the start of the video for yourself on Jackman’s Instagram below. He posted the ending on his Twitter page, along with this caption, “Thanks for sharing Charlie. Your Grandad sure made me smile. Please give him a hug for me. HJ @GreatestShowman.”

Hugh Jackman fans absolutely adored the exchange. On Instagram earlier, one fan commented, “Now this is what life is all about.”

Another one later wrote, “I am in tears at the sweetness and purity of this post. Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment.”

“So sweet! I bet you’re more than proud knowing your films bring this sort of happiness and love to people’s lives,” another fan commented.