Hugh Jackman Receives Skin Biopsy Over Possible Cancer Scare

by Amy Myers

We won’t try to scare you–chances are, Hugh Jackman is totally fine. However, he did reveal that he underwent a skin biopsy to rule out the possibility of cancer. Doctors examining Jackman are confident that the specimen is healthy, or at least benign. Because this isn’t the X-Men actor first run-in with skin cancer, though, there’s no such thing as being too cautious.

Previously, in 2017, Hugh Jackman received treatment for basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer and also the most treatable. For a while, Jackman had to wear a bandage on his nose to help keep the affected area out of the sun. UV Rays can worsen the condition and accelerate the spread of the cancer cells. Thankfully, though, through strict skincare and frequent doctors visits, the actor behind Wolverine beat the cancer.

Earlier today, August 2nd, he posted a video on Twitter explaining the latest developments with his health. Jackman pulled down his mask to expose the new bandage on his nose. Immediately, though, he told fans not to worry. He informs that he just finished a visit to his dermatologists.

“They saw something that was a little irregular, so they took a biopsy,” Hugh Jackman explained. “So if you see a shot of me with this on, do not freak out. Thank you for your concern.”

Jackman tells fans that he’ll update them as he knows more about the biopsy, “But I think it’s probably fine.”

Hugh Jackman Tells Fans to ‘Go and Get a Check’

While undergoing treatment for basal cell carcinoma, Hugh Jackman swiftly became an advocate for sunscreen. In 2015, he told ABC News, “I don’t think my dad or mom ever bought it or made us put [sunscreen] on.”

Jackman and his family grew up in Australia, where sun exposure and UV rays are extremely intense. However, growing up without knowledge of proper skin protection, the actor probably never considered skin cancer as a threat. Now knowing just how vital sunscreen is to his own health, Hugh Jackman also encourages his fans to take good care of their body’s largest organ as well.

In Monday’s video, Hugh Jackman implores fans to “go and get a check” from their dermatologists. Skin checks are routine assessments that look for any abnormal or irregular growths or features on the skin that might be cause for concern. If the doctors find any abnormalities, they perform a biopsy in which they scrape or cut off a portion of the site for further testing. Like many other forms of cancer, the key to beating basal cell carcinoma is prevention, early treatment and frequent follow-ups.

“Don’t be like me as a kid,” Jackman warned. “Just wear sunscreen.”