James Bond Star Was Unsure If They Would Return for ‘No Time to Die’

by Matthew Memrick

One James Bond co-star was surprised that she would get to reprise her character for the upcoming “No Time to Die” film.

Léa Seydoux, who appeared as Dr. Madeleine Swann in the 2015 Bond film “Spectre,” said she thought her time sharing the screen with Bond star Daniel Craig was over. This film is reportedly Craig’s last in the long-running movie franchise.

But in a new USA Today report, she was reportedly “shocked to be asked back” for a second film, despite the previous Bond film ended with her and Craig together.

The long-awaited film hits U.S. theaters on Friday.

Seydoux A Big Part Of ‘No Time’

According to Screen Rant, many Bond love-interest/heroines do one film and are out. 

Not so with Léa Seydoux. This Bond plot has her cohabitating with Bond after he leaves British spy agency MI6.

Seydoux said she wanted to make her character’s relationship with Bond “work and make it real.” She tried to do justice to the relationship because it’s at the heart of “No Time To Die.” The 36-year-old French actress said her character brought more maturity to this role, unlike “Spectre.” At the same time, she thought the couple “understood each other” well and “connect.”  

In “Spectre,” Swann was critical in defeating Blofeld. This time, the film starts with her sad backstory with “No Time to Die” bad guy Safin (played by Rami Malek) killing her mother.

That transitions into her blossoming relationship with Bond. With so many Bond love interests, fans may be a little shocked by the long-term bond with James Bond.

And while the film directors change (Sam Mendes swapped for Cary Joji Fukunaga), other characters in the franchise have also returned. Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw, and Eve Moneypenny are back in their Bond bit roles. Even Academy Awards/Golden Globes winner Christoph Waltz is back as bad boy Blofeld.

Craig’s Last Bond Film

“No Time to Die” is the final Daniel Craig film for the Bond actor. He starred in five of them.

Seydoux thought Craig wouldn’t return for a fifth film due to its demanding nature. Craig has suffered injuries before in the James Bond role. She talked about the actor’s commitment to the physically and mentally challenging role. 

The 53-year-old’s film came out in the United Kingdom at the end of September. There, it broke numerous pandemic box office records and picked up a few good reviews, too. The film’s US debut is now just one day away on October 8.

The film made $119 million in its UK debut and needs to keep picking up steam. With the pandemic delays and costs, the film reportedly needs to make an estimated $928 million to be considered a worthwhile venture for Amazon-owned MGM. In other words, break even.