Jamie Foxx Opens Up About Sister’s ‘Abrupt’ Death

by Madison Miller

Popular actor Jamie Foxx is mourning the loss of his sister.

He posted on his Instagram account announcing that his 36-year-old sister DeOndra Dixon had passed away. She passed away in late October.

Jamie Foxx Talks About Loss

“My heart is shattered into a million pieces… my beautiful loving sister Deondra has transitioned… I say transitioned because she will always be alive… anyone who knew my sis… knew that she was a bright light … I can’t tell you how many times we have had parties at the house where she has got on the dance floor and stolen the show,” Foxx wrote.

His sister was a huge fan of Foxx’s work. She was also an even bigger fan of Chris Brown. However, she danced in his music video for his song “Blame It” as well as going with him to the Grammys.

Foxx recently talked to Extra about the experience of losing his sister and the difficult time he is still facing.

“You know what? We are getting along. Earlier, when it happened, it was so abrupt. It was so much pain, man. My mother, my father, and my sister, they all live with me — it was so much pain,” Foxx said.

The actor also talked about his role in “Soul,” an animated Pixar film about a music teacher who looks for a second chance at life after death. He is breaking history by being the first African American lead in a Pixar film.

Dixon and Global Down Syndrome Foundation

According to CNN, Dixon was an ambassador for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. The organization also reached out to share their grief over her recent death.

In a post published on their site, the organization said “The Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s highest honor, the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award, was inspired by DeOndra and she was its first recipient. Quincy Jones himself introduced us to DeOndra as one of the most articulate, irrepressible, magnetic people he had ever met.”

Dixon was a huge self-advocate for those with Down syndrome. There are one in 700 babies with Down syndrome in the U.S. each year. It is the most common chromosomal disorder in the country, according to the CDC.

Recently, the ‘DeOndra Dixon Down Syndrome Fund” had been created to focus on individuals who are both African American and have Down syndrome. The research fund was set up by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and her family. Anna and John Sie donated $100,000 for the research so far.

Her bio on the site states that she was born in Dallas, Texas, and participated in the Special Olympics for more than nine years.

“I am proud of myself … have a job at my school. I am the Ambassador for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and I won the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award! … Lots of kids with Down syndrome never get a chance to shine or chase their dreams,” she continued. “Each one has something to offer and each one has a dream,” Dixon wrote.

Celebrities like Michael B. Jordan, Eva Longoria, and Viola Davis all commented on their support for Foxx during this difficult time.