Jase Robertson Reveals Best Duck Hunting Advice

by Keeli Parkey

Jase Robertson has some solid advice for his fellow duck hunters.

While recounting a recent trip in south Texas on his father Phil Robertson’s YouTube channel, the “Duck Dynasty” star shared the pearls of wisdom he recently imparted to others.

“There were a lot of ducks there, but it’s all in the setup,” Jase Robertson said. “I think they wanted me to say, ‘Here’s what I would do.'”

Robertson goes on to say that he would “do the cane trick” for a more successful duck hunt. What is the cane trick you might be asking? The seasoned hunter is happy to elaborate.

“Cane is … most of them are 20 feet tall. Think bamboo. They’re always green. No matter what, unless they die; then they’re brown,” Jase Robertson said. “They make really good brush and they’re easily transported because you can bundle ’em up. I mean I’ve had enough, to make I don’t know, to make a 50-foot circle. And, if you bundle them up, you can just throw them in the back of your truck; they’re pretty light.”

Using the cane, Robertson and his fellows hunters “create an island” around the ducks.

“If you spread it out a little bit but just keep going out, out, out, out, out, the ducks can’t see you,” he added. “They pay no attention to you. And, ducks, you would think they would think to themselves, ‘Well, there wasn’t an island here yesterday.’ But, see, that’s the difference between a human and a duck. He doesn’t think that.”

Phil Robertson was happy to chime in on his son’s hunting advice.

“Jase is almost ready for a book,” Phil said. “And the book is, ‘Inside the Mind of a Duck’ … “

Watch Jase Robertson talk about duck hunting and more here: