Jason Isbell Jokingly Reveals Why He’s ‘Never Been More Jealous of Taylor Swift’

by Emily Morgan

What’s not to love about Jason Isbell? He’s exceptionally talented, a great husband and father, and hilarious. It’s an added bonus that the singer-songwriter never fails to keep us laughing via Twitter. 

Jason Isbells’ Light-Hearted Envy towards Swift, McCartney Collaboration

On Saturday, he proved he had jokes when he retweeted a Taylor Swift after she posted gif of Paul McCartney assisting Swift as she removed her boots. 

It didn’t take long before Isbell gave his two cents on the matter.

“I’ve never been more jealous of Taylor Swift than I am right now. I’ve had this damn boot stuck on my foot for 72 hours!” 

It’s obvious Swift got by with a little help from her former-Beatle member friend. 

Swift & McCartney Team Up on Rolling Stone Cover

It looks like Jason Isbell has plenty of reasons to be jealous of the iconic friendship. The two partnered up when Rolling Stone featured the two superstars on the latest edition of the magazine. The photoshoot for the iconic, sweater-filled cover took place at McCartney’s London office. The special edition is a “Musicians on Musicians” issue that also features conversations between unique pairings like Lil Baby with Lil Wayne, Elvis Costello with Iggy Pop, and Future with Roddy Ricch.

In Nov, Paul McCartney disclosed that he wanted to invite Swift on stage at Glastonbury 2020 to sing “Shake It Off” together.

The powerhouse duo was set to headline this year’s festival, but it was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the joint Rolling Stone interview, McCartney revealed his desire for the on-stage collaboration, with Swift then expressing she had also hoped the live-duet would have gone on as planned. 

“Wow, it would’ve been so fun to play Glastonbury for the 50th anniversary together,” Swift said, to which McCartney replied, “It would’ve been great, wouldn’t it? And I was going to be asking you to play with me.”

“Were you going to invite me?” Swift said. “I was hoping that you would. I was going to ask you.”

“I would’ve done ‘Shake It Off,'” McCartney revealed, which Swift then said, “would have been amazing.”