Jason Isbell References NFL Star Matthew Stafford’s Georgia Background After Fan Compares Two

by Will Shepard

Are Matthew Stafford and Jason Isbell the same person? The question is being raised by a Twitter user who has come to the realization that they might never have been seen in the same room in their life.

However, Isbell has something to say about this statement being made. The country singer-songwriter and the quarterback for the Detroit Lions have been compared for years.

Even though it is a long-running joke, the two stars do look strikingly similar. Over the years, questions have arisen as to whether the two are actually long lost siblings.

Back to the question at hand though: are they actually the same person? This would be absolutely remarkable. Being one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL is no easy task. Doing so means that you are one of the best 32 quarterbacks in the world.

Being a country music star is also incredibly hard to do. The work that goes into becoming a legendary musician is essentially incomparable to anything else in the world.

Are Isbell and Stafford Actually the Same Person?

But, if the two are actually the same person, that would most likely make him the most talented man alive. However, Isbell quickly puts this conundrum to rest.

He says that the two, in fact, have been in the same place. Isbell says that if you happened to be one of the lucky people to be at the 40 Watt Club sometime in 2006, you might’ve actually seen the two in the same room.

The 40 Watt Club is among the most famous venues in the United States. There were probably more than a few times that Isbell was performing while Stafford was in the crowd. It is also more than possible that both stars were there enjoying themselves at the same show. As Stafford went to the University of Georgia for college from 2006-2008, he likely went to the famous club.

However, until there is definitive proof, the “rumors” will certainly “rage” on. For instance, as of yet, the two have not been photographed together, side-by-side. And again, until that photo surfaces, fans of both Isbell and Stafford may never know if they are different people.