Jeff Bezos’ People’s Choice Awards Appearance Blasted Amid Amazon Outage

by Jennifer Shea

On Tuesday, Amazon Web Services experienced an outage that left many of its users infuriated. At the same time, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos popped up at the People’s Choice Awards to present an award to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Critics on Twitter promptly blasted the billionaire. They slammed him for showing up at the awards show amid a crisis and for his costly adventures in outer space, to boot.

The outage stymied companies that rely on AWS, from Disney+ to Coinbase to the Associated Press. But it also downed internal tools at Amazon. That included the Flex and AtoZ apps relied on by warehouse workers and delivery drivers, which in turn blocked them from scanning packages or checking delivery routes, CNBC reported.

Twitter Users Blast Jeff Bezos for Awards Appearance

Meanwhile, Twitter users took to the social media platform to vent their disgust with Bezos after he presented the “People’s Champion” award to Johnson.

“Why are people so enamored with the Rock? And why the f— is he palling around with Jeff Bezos,” one tweep wondered. “Double ugh.”

“What the Rock did with his award was really nice and kind, but what the hell was @peopleschoice thinking by having Jeff Bezos as a presenter?” another Twitter user posted. “Like read the room, no one wants to see him anywhere.”

Other users took the opportunity to slam Bezos on general principle. They noted his predilection for outrageously expensive space ventures. And they suggested that was evidence of his possible personality disorder.

“Shooting yourself to outer space, as Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos raced against each other to do, is a narcissistic sideshow put on by obscenely wealthy men,” yet another Twitter user chimed in.

AWS Outage Affected Other Companies, Amazon Warehouse and Delivery Workers

The AWS outage hit around 11 a.m. Eastern time on Tuesday. According to a notice on AWS’s status page, it caused issues with some APIs and the AWS Management Console. The problems struck the US-East-1 region, which is hosted in northern Virginia.

By 6:30 p.m., the EC2 cloud computing service problems had been fixed, but other problems continued. Other companies experiencing issues resulting from the outage included Netflix, Slack, Ticketmaster, Robinhood, and Coinbase.

Amazon itself had problems with its warehouse and delivery operations due to the outage, an Amazon spokesperson confirmed in a statement to CNBC. He said the company was “working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”

Amazon told delivery drivers through a company chat app that it was “currently monitoring a network-wide technical outage” and to “go to a nearby safe location and stand by.”

The outage hit amid the holiday bustle, endangering delivery times of Amazon orders. But Bezos seemed unconcerned about disgruntled Amazon customers as he made his appearance at the awards show Tuesday. With $205.4 billion, he can apparently afford not to care.