‘Jeopardy!’: Alex Trebek Once Revealed He Smoked Marijuana, But Didn’t Continue for This Reason

by Will Shepard

As marijuana, also known as cannabis, is becoming legalized across the country, some are rejoicing. For some, it is a great way to treat ailments and issues. There are thousands of studies that say it is helpful for various medical issues.

While Alex Trebek was still hosting Jeopardy!, he wanted to see if marijuana would help his arthritis.

So, Alex Trebek went on Howard Stern to talk about his exploits with the drug. This interview is back in 2015, which means that he was trying this under the radar. Presumably smoking while he was at home in California, he would have kept this under wraps.

Nonetheless, the Jeopardy! host decided that with his persistent arthritis, he would give cannabis a try. But, as he explains, smoking didn’t help his arthritis.

“I have smoked marijuana. I had terrible arthritis in my shoulders, and a friend of mine said, ‘You should try marijuana; it’ll help get rid of the arthritis.’ It didn’t, and so I didn’t continue smoking.”

During Alex Trebek’s Hosting Days of “Jeopardy!,” He Tells a Hilarious Story About Marijuana

While that incident, or multiple attempts, to try and solve his problems with arthritis, there is another story. The late Jeopardy! host opened up to Howard Stern about one time that he got a little carried away in his younger days.

“I went to this party at a home in Malibu, and I didn’t know the people who were hosting the party, and they had hash brownies. I love chocolate, and I ate four or five hash brownies. The party was on a Friday night. I didn’t leave their home until Monday morning.”

Trebek continues to explain how bad the night was for him, which makes complete sense. He implores that the incident was truly terrible.

“They put me to bed Friday night as I was almost comatose, and I did not wake up Saturday, I started to wake up Sunday, and then I went home. Bad experience.”

It makes sense that this kind of experience severely tainted the Jeopardy! host’s relationship with marijuana. So, if there is a moral to the story, it must be to not eat four or five hash brownies at a party.