‘Jeopardy!’ All-Time Highest Earning Champ Tells Secret to Winning on the Show

by Madison Miller

Getting onto “Jeopardy!” in the first place is no easy feat. Then, once you’re there, being able to win money on the studio stage is also a whole other story.

There are countless factors that suddenly come into play beyond trivia knowledge — buzzer speed, nerves, and even the unavoidable strength of the other two contestants.

There have been several “Jeopardy!” contestants over the years that stand out as the best of the best. One of which is Brad Rutter. He happens to be the all-time biggest money winner in the history of the show.

Advice From Brad Rutter

For Rutter, trivia comes very naturally. He admitted that instead of fixating on the trivia aspect of it all he tries to instead focus on putting on a good show for the viewers at home. This is a good way to get rid of some of those nerves as well.

Rutter said that commercial breaks are a time to “switch off” trivia. The only thing he tries to do is come up with funny jokes for after the break.

“For the contestants…it’s nerve-wracking being up there and if they could just take a breath during the commercial breaks, that’s probably going to work out better for them,” Rutter said to Yahoo! Sports.

When it comes to actual game strategy, Rutter says that buzzer speed is incredibly important. It helps optimize your chance at hitting one of those Daily Doubles, which can help rack up a lot of cash.

“If you get on the show you have enough knowledge to win. I’d say the buzzer is the most important just because most of the time all three people know the right response,” Rutter said.

Another piece of advice related to those Daily Doubles is betting averages. Rutter suggests betting higher because he said, “if you’re on the show, you probably have a 60, 65 percent chance of getting a Daily Double right.” By betting higher, it’s an easy way to get more money and set yourself apart from other contestants.

James Holzhauer, a fellow “Jeopardy!” contestant, was also known for betting big on those Daily Doubles. He was known for his 32-game streak.

‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Remembers Alex Trebek

Brad Rutter spent a lot of time with the “Jeopardy!” team over the years. In addition to his normal time on the show, Rutter was a five-time champion of different tournaments the show has to offer.

With all that time, Rutter really got to know the legend behind “Jeopardy!” which was Alex Trebek.

“Well, I think that he actually ended up having an impact on my life just watching him work and getting to know him a little bit. It comes through watching the last few episodes that he did shoot that he was really proud of the show and it was his life’s work, ” Rutter told Den of Geek.

He continued by saying: “Just watching Alex go about his business on ‘Jeopardy!,’ I realized that’s a really great blueprint for how to live your life: care about something, strive for excellence, and have a good time doing it. If you’re picking three rules for life, I think you could do a lot worse than that. He’s inspired me for a long time, but even more so lately.”