‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Has ‘Impeccably Good Taste’ in LeVar Burton’s First Night Guest Hosting

by Chris Haney

On Monday evening, Jeopardy!‘s newest guest host LeVar Burton is taking over for the first time, and he made sure to compliment one of the contestant’s “good taste.”

The Star Trek and Reading Rainbow star debuted as the game show’s most recent celebrity interim host. He follows a long line of celebrities that have taken over the famous podium. Jeopardy! has utilized celebrity interims ever since legendary host Alex Trebek passed way in November 2020. Throughout this year, the game show has welcomed broadcast journalists, actors, and former champions from the show. Additionally, they even brought in an NFL quarterback to guest host.

Yet LeVar Burton was one of the first celebrities to get into contact with Jeopardy! producer Mike Richards about the job opening. He’s been very vocal about his desire to take over the position permanently. As his try-out of sorts for the hosting gig begins, the game show tweeted a clip of him talking to the contestants. Burton introduced the three contestants to the audience and viewers at home. As is Jeopardy! protocol, he spoke to the reigning champion last.

“And our champion, Matt Amodio from New Haven, Connecticut,” Burton says aloud. “You’re a Ph.D. student and your family grew up watching baseball and Jeopardy!. And that was the only thing that took precedent over the ball games.”

“Absolutely,” Amodio agreed. “So, seven o’clock, growing up, must-see TV was the baseball game. And the only time we would ever change the channel, 7:30 to watch Jeopardy! and I loved it every night.”

“You demonstrate impeccably good taste,” Burton responded.

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Levar Burton Delivers Opening Monologue in Debut Episode

On Monday, July 26, LeVar Burton takes the Jeopardy! stage as one of the most highly-anticipated interims so far on the game show. As mentioned before, the actor and host of Reading Rainbow campaigned to be included as a guest host. He shared his excitement by complimenting the show’s staff and its contestants to ABC 13 last week.

“The highlight for me has been meeting the contestants and seeing how good they are at this game. I’ve been in this business for 45 years, and the team here at Jeopardy! is one of the best I’ve encountered in my entire life,” Burton said to ABC 13.

In addition, Burton made sure to honor Alex Trebek’s legacy during his opening monologue tonight. He said he’s “thrilled” to be a guest host and “proud” to be there to honor the longtime host of the game show.

“As a longtime viewer of the show, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to guest host Jeopardy!. And I’m proud to be here to honor Alex’s legacy, and I’m going to do my best to ensure that these talented Jeopardy! contestants enjoy their moment here as well,” Burton shares in the clip.