‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Tells Emotional Story of Writing Alex Trebek as a Child: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

If you haven’t kept up with recent “Jeopardy!” news, then you should be aware that the iconic game show has encountered quite a bit of drama since famous host Alex Trebek passed away last year.

Now, as “Jeopardy!” cast and crew members attempt to move forward among ongoing drama, an emotional video clip highlights the memorable moment one game show contestant wrote to the famed host as a child.

Working hard to maintain the integrity of “Jeopardy!” current show host Mayim Bialik took a moment during a recent episode to highlight the memorable moment. One show contestant, Angie, shared the time she wrote Alex Trebek a letter as a child, later inspiring her to take part on the game show as an adult.

The contestant shared that “Jeopardy!” had been her favorite show when she was eight years old.

“I was very impatient to become a contestant,” she said. In writing her letter, she actually heard back from the iconic host who responded with a postcard and hopes she would be a contestant as an adult.

Among current “Jeopardy!” goings-on, the story is definitely much-needed. As one game show fan commented on the post, “what a lovely story!❤️”

Mayim Bialik Sees ‘Jeopardy!’ Viewership on the Rise

Despite the ongoing success of the current “Jeopardy!” contestant, Matt Amodio, the beloved American game show has suffered a little in ratings following the recent Mike Richards’ media debacle. Additionally, the latest season suffered some as fans expected “Jeopardy!” legend Ken Jennings to take over following the late Alex Trebek.

However, no matter how chaotic things have gotten, current show host Mayim Bialik has contributed to the rising success of the latest “Jeopardy!” season. Since the actress, neuroscientist, and now “Jeopardy!” host has taken the reigns, show viewership has increased by an impressive six percent. 

Additionally, while the show overall has seen a significant increase in viewership, it’s not the only positive outcome “Jeopardy!” has undergone since employing Bialik.

Compared to last year’s episodes around this time, Bialik’s current episodes have also seen a six percent jump in ratings. Should we continue to see increased success on Bialik’s part, there’s a good chance the beloved “Big Bang Theory” actress could permanently secure her role on the famous game show.

Matt Amodio Slams Game Show Viewer with Grammatical Burn

Among ongoing “Jeopardy!” drama, one of the smaller tidbits tie into current champ, Matt Amodio‘s method of answering questions. If you haven’t remained caught up with the last season or two, Amodio famously answers all of his questions beginning with, “What’s…?” rather than transitioning between “what” and “who” depending on the question.

Several months down the line, it appears “Jeopardy!” fans have, for the majority, accepted the contestant’s quirk. However, others are still ranting about it on social media and, among his 34-game win streak, Amodio clapped back in the most iconic “Jeopardy!” style.

One viewer, to simplify the issue, wrote on Twitter, “A person is not a what, they are a who..,” suggesting just before that Amodio is unfamiliar with “proper English.”

Amodio clapped back with, “All who’s, why’s, when’s, and where’s are also what’s, but not all what’s are who’s, why’s, when’s, and where’s.” Score 1 for English grammar.