‘Jeopardy!’: Dr. Oz Opens Up About ‘Pinch Me’ Moment Standing on Show’s Iconic Stage

by Clayton Edwards

Imagine the feeling of standing in the place where legendary Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek once stood. For most people, it would be a surreal experience. Actually hosting the iconic show would be a whole new level of the dream-come-true feeling.

As former guest-host, Katie Couric said after her two-week stink on the show, Jeopardy! is so much more than a game show. It is an American institution. The show is a huge part of not only fans’ lives but also American culture. It both educates and entertains viewers on a daily basis and has done so for decades.

This explains why the current guest-host, Dr. Oz, posted on his Instagram today that standing behind the iconic Jeopardy! lectern is a “pinch me” moment.

Standing on the stage of the iconic fact-based quiz show is like dream for Oz. He goes on to say, in the photo’s caption, that it is one of the most fun experiences of his life. This truly speaks to how awesome it must be to host Jeopardy!

Dr. Oz Enjoying Jeopardy! Despite Backlash

Since Dr. Oz’s Jeopardy! guest-hosting gig started, he and the show have faced a massive amount of backlash. Both fans and former contestants of the show have called for him to be removed from the position. This backlash is based on claims that Oz peddles pseudoscience. In fact, hundreds of fans and former contestants have signed a petition to convince the show to remove Dr. Oz as guest-host.

At the same time tweets from both Dr. Oz and the official Jeopardy! Twitter account have been full of angry comments. Fans of the show have stated that they will boycott the show for the next two weeks. Some viewers who have watched the show every day for decades have stated that they will find something else to watch until Oz’s hosting stint is over.

However, Dr. Oz’s Instagram posts are a different story. The comments on this most recent post are full of positive feedback. Many of his followers are congratulating Oz on his guest-hosting stint. Others are saying that the TV personality was doing a great job on Jeopardy!. One fan told Dr. Oz not to let “haters” get him down.

This post shows that Dr. Oz is definitely not letting anything get him down. Despite the mountain of criticism from all corners of the internet, he is thoroughly enjoying his time as Jeopardy!’s current guest host.

His time on the show ends April 2nd.