‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host David Faber Reveals His ‘Paramount Concern’ When Hosting the Show

by Joe Rutland

“Jeopardy!” guest host David Faber stands behind the lectern this week, but he revealed what his “paramount concern” was on the show.

“I wanted to be really good, that was the main thing,” Faber said in an interview posted on “Jeopardy!” YouTube channel. “I wanted to establish a rhythm [and] I wanted to be really good for the contestants. I guess that was the thing that was foremost in my mind.

“Because I feel like they show up here, that’s an awfully important day for them,” Faber said. “And I didn’t want to disappoint them so that, in many ways, was my paramount concern.”

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host Has Worked For CNBC Since 1993

Faber is a CNBC correspondent who also is a co-host of the financial network’s “Squawk on the Street” morning show. He’s been with CNBC since 1993 and has written three books, “The Faber Report” in 2002, “And Then the Roof Caved In” in 2009, and “House of Cards: The Origins of the Collapse” in 2010.

But this week, it’s all about “Jeopardy!” for the longtime financial reporter. He’s one of the final guest hosts for this season, one in which executive producer Mike Richards has filled with different hosts. Fox Sports sportscaster Joe Buck is up next week and he’ll put the wraps on a long, melancholy season for the game show.

Now Richards, who also was a guest host this season, will face a real tough call. Who takes over on a permanent basis on “Jeopardy!” since Alex Trebek died in 2020?

7-Game Champion Matt Amodio Admitted That He Almost Didn’t Try Out for Show

Outsiders love “Jeopardy!” and they are watching 7-game champion Matt Amodio set the game show on fire with his winning ways.

Yet did you know that Amodio almost didn’t even try out for the show? Oh, it’s true.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Amodio admits that he felt unsure about wanting to try out. He also said his father provided guidance around his choice to be on “Jeopardy!”

“I was only reluctantly trying out because I didn’t think I would make it, and even if I did make it I wouldn’t be very good,” Amodio says. “I only tried out at the behest of my dad, who insisted, as any parent would, ‘My son is awesome. He would do so well.’ And so I said, ‘Fine, I’ll do it for you.'”

So far, so good on Amodio’s father’s suggestion. His son’s winning streak has given viewers a reason to see how far Amodio can go on the game show.

Last week, he had guest host LeVar Burton running the big board. This week, it’ll be David Faber. It’s quite a time to be a “Jeopardy!” fan.