‘Jeopardy!’ Hypes Up Matt Amodio for ‘Next Season’ with Epic Montage of 18-Game Streak

by Quentin Blount

Well, Jeopardy! fans, Season 37 is officially over. The season finale aired on Friday night with NFL and MLB announcer Joe Buck hosting the show. Now we have roughly a month of waiting until Season 38 starts up (September 13). That’s when newly-announced host Mike Richards will take over and step down from his producer role.

In the meantime, Jeopardy! is hyping up the show’s latest champ, Matt Amodio. As of Friday night, the Yale University doctoral student has won an incredible 18 games in a row. And for the record, Amodio’s stats on the show are pretty insane.

He has answered 91 percent of his responses correctly. In addition, he has an average margin of victory of more than $23,000. His current cash total has him sitting at $574,801 — that’s good enough for third all-time for the most winnings ever in regular-season play. The only two guys ahead of Amodio now are Jeopardy! legends Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer.

Matt Amodio has put his name into the Jeopardy! history books. And like some of the other stars on the show before him, he has been winning in a decisive fashion. His nervy bets have some fans calling him a genius, while others view him as arrogant.

Either way, Amodio is as popular as it gets right now. And he will have millions of eyes on him come September 13 when the new season premieres. The official Jeopardy! Twitter account posted a video on Friday hyping up Amodio, along with several infographics that showcase his crazy statistics.

“Looks like we’ll see Matt Amodio next season!”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Excited to Watch Matt Amodio Compete Next Season

We are all excited for Season 38 of Jeopardy! to roll around come September. And fans of the popular game show on social media have been expressing just how excited they are to watch Matt Amodio attempt to keep his winning streak alive.

“Yes!!! It’s been so much fun watching Matt!! Can’t wait for next season!” one fan replied on Twitter.

Meanwhile, there are some fans out there who are upset about the show moving on from longtime host Alex Trebek. But not this particular fan on Twitter.

“Cannot wait!!! Even if there’s new hosts, I’m still watching every night!” they wrote.

And another Jeopardy! follower on Twitter replied in hilarious fashion. They made a joke about the way Matt Amodio solves puzzles as are readying up to go a month without Jeopardy!

“Readying for a month of Amodio withdrawal symptoms,” they said. “I call ’em the ‘what’s.'”

If you haven’t been watching, Amodio repeatedly uses “What’s” instead of an alternative like “Who is,” when he is solving puzzles. He said that he does it to stay focused and to limit “unnecessary moving parts.”