‘Jeopardy!’: Joe Buck Looking Forward to ‘Armchair Hosts’ Tell Him ‘How it Should Be Done’

by Megan Molseed

Everyone feels like a champion when they’re at home “playing” against the actual contestants of a game show. Sometimes they have a lot to say about the person running the game as well. This week’s “Jeopardy!” guest host Joe Buck is prepared for those “armchair” critics as he gets set for his first episode hosting the iconic quiz show is set to air tomorrow, Monday, August 9.

“This is the week!!!” the longtime sportscaster said on his Sunday evening tweet.

“Can’t wait for all the armchair hosts to tell me how it should be done,” he added.”Oh and I know who wins.”

Joe Buck may be a natural at announcing play-by-play at some of the highest levels in sportscasting. But this week, he’ll be showing a talent for calling an entirely different kind of game as he takes on hosting duties on the iconic answer-question quiz show, “Jeopardy!”

Joe Buck Is No Stranger to Competition

Buck is one of a long list of guest hosts who have stepped onto the “Jeopardy!” podium to fill in for the game-shows former host, the late Alex Trebek. Buck will host the final episodes of the seasons with a run from August 9 until August 13.

Buck is well known for his time covering games for both the NFL and the MLB. He has also been providing play-by-play commentary for the World Series for the last 20 years.

Joe Buck will be the final “Jeopardy!” guest host of the show’s current season. Producers of the iconic quiz show have stated that they hope to name a permanent host sometime soon.

Since Alex Trebek’s death in November 2020 “Jeopardy!” producers have invited more than a handful of guest stars to fill the iconic game show host’s shoes for the most recent season.

To start the season, “Jeopardy!” invited the game show’s reigning all-time champion, Ken Jennings to step up to the podium as the first guest host of the season. Following Jennings at the podium was longtime “Jeopardy” Producer, Mike Richards.

A Long Line Of Jeopardy Guest Hosts

Other guest hosts included actress, author, and neuroscientist, Mayim Bialik, “Jeopardy!” champion Buzzy Cohen, Green Bay Packer Aaron Rodgers, and LeVar Burton.

Each “Jeopardy!” guest host is invited to choose a charity at the start of their television run. The gameshow then matches the contestant’s total winnings and donates the funds to the chosen charity.

Joe Buck has selected the KID smART organization as the charity that will benefit from his week-long tenure on the iconic game show.

KidSmart is a St. Louis based organization. The charity provides basic school materials for children whose families may be facing financial difficulties.