‘Jeopardy!’: Joe Buck Makes Guest Hosting Debut, Here’s What Fans Are Saying

by Thad Mitchell

Veteran broadcaster Joe Buck is the latest celebrity to take on the role of guest host for the hit game show “Jeopardy!”

Buck began his tenure as the quiz show’s host with his debut episode Monday. He will be the final celebrity to serve as “Jeopardy!” guest host as the show hopes to have a permanent host soon. Buck takes over the position after journalist David Faber’s guest-hosting stint ended last Friday. As the show’s final guest host, Buck will have a chance to leave a lasting impression on the show’s massive fan base. Judging by his first showing on Monday, he certainly appears up to the task. Buck is mostly known for his work in the sports world, where he has been a broadcaster for many years.

Sports broadcasting runs in the Buck family as Joe’s father, Jack, was also a renowned sportscaster. Joe Buck has been with Fox Sports for several years and serves as the head play-by-play announcer in two different sports. He works as both a Major League Baseball and National Football League announcer for Fox.

Earlier this week, “Jeopardy!” took to social media to welcome their latest guest host to the show. Buck says he is very excited and grateful for the opportunity.

“Sportscaster Joe Buck has a newfound appreciation for ‘Jeopardy!’ after guest hosting,” the social media post proclaims.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Share Feelings on Joe Buck

With one Jeopardy!” episode now under his belt, Buck should continue to grow more comfortable in the role. Despite his popularity in the world of sports broadcast, tackling “Jeopardy!” is a whole different beast. After his debut episode, fans of the quiz show weigh in on his first performance.

“He did a pretty good job for his very first episode hosting a new game show,” one fan writes on social media. “I am going to give him a chance.”

“Not a sports fan, so never heard of him before this gig,” another fan writes. “Looks like he’ll make a fine host. Looking forward to this last week of guest hosts.”

While some were complimentary of Buck’s “Jeopardy!” debut, others offered up only criticism of his first performance. Some even suggest they will not be watching “Jeopardy!” this week.

“Cannot stand him,” a watcher says. “Won’t be watching at all this week.”

“May just skip Jeopardy this week,” another “Jeopardy!” fan quips.

Despite what “Jeopardy!” fans may think of Joe Buck, it isn’t likely to make a huge difference. Reports have emerged that claim executive producer Mike Richards is in the lead position. Richards is rumored to be in “deep negotiations” with Sony to become the show’s permanent host.

Richards was the second individual to take on the guest-hosting role behind only Ken Jennings. He did quite well in the Neilsen rating score as well, finishing with the second-highest score of all the guest hosts.