‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Calls Out ‘Old-Time TV Hosts’ For Doing This ‘Insane’ Thing on Television

by John Jamison

“Jeopardy!” legend Ken Jennings has been hilarious on Twitter as of late. His most recent observation? The crazy things old-time television hosts said.

Jennings holds the record for the longest streak on “Jeopardy!” at 74 consecutive wins. He has racked up almost $5 million dollars as a result of his game show dominance and himself has branched out into the TV hosting game recently.

With his stated desire to get another shot at the “Jeopardy!” hosting gig and his involvement in the recently renewed show “The Game,” it’s not surprising that Jennings would be analyzing how TV hosts operate.

He must have been studying some of the old-school guys this week because he had a hot take to share on Twitter.

You’re right, Ken. It’s absolutely insane behavior and we won’t stand for it.

‘Jeopardy!’ Ken Jennings’ Followers Chime In

The “Jeopardy!” icon raises a great point. And in the spirit of “talking about this,” Ken Jennings’ followers didn’t hesitate to get involved in the dialogue.

Twitter user Paul Roberts hilariously piles on with his accusation, “What about when THEY go to commercial and tell US “welcome back!” after the commercial. No, brotha, we stayed right here. YOU left and came back!”

The sheer audacity of a television host to invite an audience back to something they never left. What were they thinking?

Another Twitter user joked, “The media won’t report this because they are in the pocket of Big TV!”

TV hosting conspiracy? What were they trying to hide?

Ken Jennings Wants Hosting Job

Watching all the guest-hosting turnover on “Jeopardy!” in recent weeks, Jennings has found himself wanting another chance at the job.

He recently talked about how he felt like he was getting more comfortable in the role toward the end of his tenure. Jennings was the first guest host on the show since Alex Trebek’s passing. But he had to leave the show due to other television obligations.

His departure from “Jeopardy!” has given the show a chance to try out a series of other people in the role. At present, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is doing the job. And many feel that he is doing the job well.

Rodgers has also stated a desire to be the permanent “Jeopardy!” host. So the competition is heating up.