‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Doubts His Chances of Winning Grammy in Latest Tweet

by Charles Craighill

Ken Jennings recently replaced the longtime Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek behind the iconic podium. However, Jennings doubts that his performance warrants a Grammy award win. Despite his doubts, his fans really like his chances in Sunday’s Grammy presentation. Jennings joked about his odds on Twitter earlier today.

In the post, he screenshotted a news heading that read, “Seattle’s Ken Jennings had had quite a year. On Sunday, he could win a Grammy.”

However, Ken Jennings did his research on Sunday’s Grammy presentation. “They forgot the subhead,” Jennings wrote in his Tweet. “But He Won’t, Because Meryl Streep and, Like, Ronan Farrow Are Also Nominated.”

Ken Jennings did have quite the epic year by any means. He started the year by winning a whopping $1 million in the Jeopardy! “Greatest of All Time” Tournament. After winning in dramatic fashion, he dropped the mic and retired his retirement from the show. However, after the tragic death of Alex Trebek, Jeopardy! brought Jennings on as an executive producer. He was then promoted to host for a six-week stint.

While nobody could truly replace Alex Trebek, many Jeopardy! fans really loved Ken Jennings’ time behind the podium. They love him so much, in fact, some fans threatened to boycott the show after his stint as host ended. It seems that they did not, however, as many fans also exclaimed their satisfaction with his predecessor, Mike Richards.

Katie Couric Takes the Reins of Jeopardy!

Now that Ken Jennings has stepped aside, a new era in Jeopardy! history has begun. After both Jennings and Mike Richards have given their time, Jeopardy! handed the hosting duties over to legendary journalist and news anchor, Katie Couric. While some fans felt hesitant about her first performance. However, after her first show, all doubts seem to have lessened.

Like Ken Jennings in 2020, Katie Couric has a pretty big year lined up for her. On top of her Jeopardy! hosting duties, she also plans to release a personal and emotional memoir over the summer. She recently let her fans know on Twitter how she felt about it.

“I just turned in the manuscript for this memoir that I have been writing for the last two and a half to three years. It’s incredibly emotional and it was really hard but really gratifying…” Katie Couric said through her tears in her Twitter post. “anyways, I hope you f***ing like it.”