‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Hilariously Says Kids are ‘Reeling’ After He Didn’t Go to Krispy Kreme

by Quentin Blount

Jeopardy! icon Ken Jennings took to social media on Thursday evening to update his fans and followers following his first vaccine shot.

As many fans know, Jennings is fresh off of his run as the first official guest host of the popular game show. It was only fitting for Jennings to be the one behind the Jeopardy! lectern following the passing of longtime show host, Alex Trebek.

In the meantime, the 46-year-old trivia master is getting his COVID-19 vaccination. He posted an update to his official Twitter account following his first shot. He says that his kids were “reeling in disbelief” that he didn’t take advantage of the latest Krispy Kreme promotion. And his kids may have a point here. Who passes up on a free doughnut?

“My kids are REELING IN DISBELIEF that I didn’t go straight to Krispy Kreme after getting my first shot today,” Ken Jennings wrote. “They can’t process it.”

For those who didn’t know, Krispy Kreme announced this week that it would give one glazed doughnut per day to anyone who provides proof a COVID-19 vaccination. That’s one free doughnut per day for the rest of the year. Talk about a pretty sweet deal.

“We made the decision that said, ‘Hey, we can support the next act of joy,’ which is, if you come by, show us a vaccine card, get a doughnut any time, any day, every day if you choose to,” the company’s chief executive, Michael Tattersfield, told Fox News.

But it doesn’t seem like Jennings is as worried about his free doughnut as his kids are. In another tweet, Jennings says that, “Trying to explain that being a grown-up is already pretty much the same as having a free donut if you want.”

Ken Jennings Sees Writers from ‘The Chase’ Go on Strike

The game show The Chase is reportedly in some hot water as its writers have gone on strike. The show is a remake of the popular British-made game show.

And the Jeopardy! legend, Ken Jennings, serves as one of the show’s hosts. In addition, other Jeopardy! stars James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter are also part of the show.

The Chase received a strike notice from the Writers Guild of America East (WGAE). Evidently, the show’s writers have said that they are being treated unfairly. In a statement from Lowell Peterson, the executive director of WGAE, he says that the dispute is due to ITV America’s failure to receive benefits.

To read more about the situation with Ken Jennings and The Chase, you can read the full story here.