‘Jeopardy!’ Legend James Holzhauer Responds To Ken Jennings with Hilarious Photoshopped Pic

by Jonathan Howard

By now, the news is out and everyone knows there are two new hosts of Jeopardy! James Holzhauer and Ken Jennings took to Twitter following the news. The two are likely the best to ever play on the popular trivia-based game show. Jennings has bottomless knowledge, while Holzhauer is the ‘all-in’ king. There isn’t a Daily Double that Holzhauer hasn’t bet his chances against.

With the news that Mike Richards and Mayim Bialik will take over hosting duties, the Jeopardy! world reacted. Ken Jennings broke the silence and tweeted out, “In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t have insisted to Jeopardy that I host every episode while eating a load, juicy apple.” The joke took off after a few minutes and James Holzhauer came in to add his usual comedic relief.

With…less than stellar photoshop skills, Holzhauer made up a quick meme featuring a great moment from Jennings’ run in the Greatest of All-Time Tournament. The picture can be described with words, but it is best if you just see it for yourself.

As two of the best to play Jeopardy! both Jennings and Holzhauer would like to see the show continue and continue it will. Although Jennings was not selected as the replacement for Alex Trebek, Richards will provide a steady hand. The idea of having Mayim Bialik as a special host for spin-offs and tournaments is a great idea. Holzhauer shared his thoughts on that as well.

Jeopardy! Gets Fresh New Look

While Ken Jennings won’t be hosting Jeopardy! as the new host, he is still a part of the production staff. That means the care and attention will be taken at multiple levels to ensure the success of the show. As a bit of an Alex Trebek disciple, Jennings is a purist as far as most fans are concerned. However, he says the show is still going to be his favorite.

As for James Holzhauer, he seems fine with the new selections as well, but not ecstatic. He seems to think that the choice of two hosts is a bit of a cop-out. As a bit of a newer star in the Jeopardy! world, fans have taken to him and his funny tweets and posts. Right now, Holzhauer stars on ABC’s The Chase breaking dreams and proving that he might be the most exciting contestant to ever play trivia game shows.

Not everyone was going to be happy with the host decision. At the end of the day, Jeopardy! is going to keep going. Despite fans’ disapproval or approval, the producers have to make a choice and they did. While this is a “permanent” replacement, will Mike Richards be around for years and years to come? Hard to say. If fans react viscerally once his permanent shows debut, could there be another host selected? Only time will tell, but James Holzhauer will keep the memes ready to fire.