‘Jeopardy!’ Legend James Holzhauer Unleashes on Mike Richards Over Show Exit

by Clayton Edwards

Things keep getting worse for Mike Richards. First, he hosted Jeopardy! for a single day before stepping down. In truth, he was all but forced to vacate the position. However, he planned to continue as the show’s executive producer. Sony Pictures Television even assigned a legal executive to watch over him. Now, less than a month before he landed that hosting gig, he lost his executive producer title. British producer Michael Davies will fill in for the former EP in the interim. Richards isn’t just finished with the iconic quiz show. He will no longer act as executive producer on Wheel of Fortune.

If he’s feeling down, the internet is there to make it worse for him. Right now, Jeopardy! fans on Twitter are rejoicing at the news of Mike Richards’ departure. However, fans of the show aren’t the only ones making jokes and firing shots. Jeopardy! champ James Holzhauer blasted Richards on Twitter earlier this afternoon.

Holzhauer wrote, “Do I think Mike Richards’s podcast comments were appropriate for polite society? No. But did I think that he deserved the benefit of the doubt for the job he did running Jeopardy? Also no.”

For those just tuning in to the Mike Richards debacle, those podcast comments that James referenced came to light the day before Richards officially started as the show’s host. Richards used to host a podcast called The Randumb Show where he said some truly dumb things. He made sexist, creepy, and antisemitic comments on the show. A report from The Ringer brought them to light, and Richards walked away from his hosting gig.

At the same time, Mike Richards did some damage to Jeopardy!‘s image with his long line of scandals. The comments on his podcast were just the icing on the cake. Before that, reports of previous workplace discrimination lawsuits that named Richards as a defendant began to resurface. Many believe that his termination was a long time coming.

James Holzhauer Continues To Roast Mike Richards

Just moments after firing off the above tweet about Mike Richards, Holzhauer launched a second volley. This one speaks for itself.

However, this isn’t the first time the champ has roasted Mike Richards on the platform. After learning that Richards stepped down from the hosting gig, Holzhauer took to Twitter to throw shade at the former host.

In that tweet, he insinuated that the host selection process was rigged in Richards’ favor, a belief that many Jeopardy! fans had, at the time.

Then, when he learned that Mike Richards would continue to act as EP on Jeopardy!, Holzhauer fired another shot.

That tweet read, “Everyone was awaiting this week’s announcement of Jeopardy’s new executive producer, only to be gobsmacked that they chose Mike Richards.”