‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Quizzes Fans on What 3 Random Objects Have in Common

by John Jamison

What do your inner ear, Babybel cheese, and Don Quixote have in common? “Jeopardy!” star Ken Jennings wants to know if his Twitter followers can figure out the answer.

He recently tweeted a link to a puzzle that asks for the “Kennection” between all of these items and more. The “Kennections” game is appropriately trivia-based and is hosted on Mental Floss. Each installment is numbered and provides five different questions for which the answers all have something in common.

His tweet links to #462 which, depending on your knowledge of French cheeses and specific chapters of Don Quixote, is pretty dang difficult to figure out. And don’t worry, the answer won’t be provided here in case you want to give this one a shot for yourself.

But rest assured, there are plenty more “Kennections” puzzles available if this one proves too difficult (or easy, for all of you trivia masters out there).

Twitter is The Perfect Platform for “Jeopardy!” Star

People really seem to be responding to the “Jeopardy!” legend’s Twitter activity. The trivia niche is rife with opportunities for clever quips and punchlines that are sure to earn a laugh from a casual Twitter user. As one of the greatest trivia minds of all time, Ken Jennings has a fun 160-character canvas to work with at all times.

As a result, we’ve been getting some pretty funny stuff from the guy who could potentially become the next permanent host of “Jeopardy!”

Within the past few days, he’s cracked jokes about the Suez Canal incident, comparing it to common traffic. And Meghan Markle baking a cake, likening the headline to something Dr. Seuss might have written.

Further, Twitter gives Jennings an opportunity to actually interact with his fans. People love being able to have an open dialogue with people they admire. And even though plenty of celebrities have active Twitter accounts out there, not as many appreciate a good joke like Ken Jennings does.

Could Ken Jennings Be The Next “Jeopardy!” Host?

It’s entirely possible. There has been plenty of speculation about who could fill the role in recent weeks. Especially considering the rotation of controversial guest hosts taking place currently.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will take over from Dr. Oz next. Anderson Cooper will go after him and other big names in the weeks following.

Based on the overall sentiment around the internet, and the reactions to guest hosts like Dr. Oz, Ken Jennings seems to be the favorite candidate for the job. But there are plenty of people yet to host and only time will tell.