‘Jeopardy!’: LeVar Burton’s Daughter Pokes Fun of His Guest Hosting Debut in Hilarious Video

by Thad Mitchell

After a bumpy start, Levar Burton is settling into his “Jeopardy!” guest-hosting experience quite nicely with two episodes under his belt.

Before receiving an opportunity to host the show, Burton campaigned hard for a shot. His fans also clamored for the former “Reading Rainbow” host a chance at the gig. Burton backers started an online petition on behalf of his candidacy, collecting several thousand signatures. The effort was too much for “Jeopardy!” to ignore and included Burton in the second round of guests that includes the likes of Robin Roberts and Joe Buck. Burton began his “Jeopardy!” tenure on Monday and his stint will conclude this Friday. The second wave of guest hosts is getting one week on the job whereas the first group got two weeks.

It’s been so far so good for Burton who now has two “Jeopardy!” episodes in the bag with three more to go. His debut episode got a little extra attention with a contestant breaking the record for lowest score. The contestant finished with a balance of $7,400 in the hole.

He admits to being nervous for the episode but looked far more relaxed and confident in his next matchup. His family has been very supportive of him, although his daughter, Mica Burton, took an opportunity to “troll” her dad on social media. Mica filmed a hilarious short video of her father watching himself on television.

“Bless LeVar Burton for putting up with me,” she says in the Twitter post/

In the video, Mica sees her father trying to analyze his “Jeopardy!” appearance as she jokes that he’s in two places at once.

“He’s there,” she says focusing the camera at the television.

“But he’s there,” she adds as she turns her camera toward her father as he sits and watches himself.

Jokingly, Levar tells his daughter to cut it out before resuming his focus on the television. It’s a funny and sweet moment between father and daughter as they certainly seem to enjoy playfully harassing each other.

Reviews for Burton’s “Jeopardy!” performance so far have been generally positive. He seems to have found his stride in Tuesday evening’s episode and he is learning and adapting to the pace of the game. He should continue to get even better as the week rolls along. The former “Star Trek: The Next Generation” star is smooth in his delivery and consistent in his approach to reading clues.

“Jeopardy!” would love to have a permanent host in place before the year is up though there is no official timeline on a decision. The popular game show has been without a full-time host since the passing of the legendary Alex Trebek.

Burton has made it no secret that he desires to land the permanent role as host of “Jeopardy!”

That decision is hopefully coming soon.