‘Jeopardy!’ Not Airing in Some Areas Tonight: Here’s Why

by Thad Mitchell

Some fans of the hit game show “Jeopardy!” wanting to catch the latest episode might be out of luck as the NFL preseason heats up.

While some fans of the ever-popular quiz show may not like it, the world of sports appears to be taking precedent in certain locations. The preemptive scheduling couldn’t have come at a worse time than right now for some “Jeopardy!” fans. The show currently has a contestant on a major hot streak that fans of the show know doesn’t come around too often. Game show fans will be missing Matt Amodio’s historic winning streak that now stands at 16 straight episodes. The reigning champion shows no signs of slowing down either and some fans believe it will continue. Instead of watching a chase for history on “Jeopardy!” fans will be stuck with NFL preseason and Major League Baseball games.

The show’s official website put out a statement discerning the locations that would not be getting a new “Jeopardy!” episode tonight (Thursday, Aug. 12). Along with the announcement, the site lists four locations and stations that will run sports programming instead of the show.

‘Jeopardy!’ Gives Way to Sports Broadcasts

“If you watch ‘Jeopardy!’ on the following stations, due to various events, Jeopardy! may be preempted or moved this week,” the preemption alert states. “Below are the following locations that may be affected. In some areas, Jeopardy! may air at a later time. Please check your local listings for more information.”

WBZ-TV in Boston will air an NFL preseason game between the New England Patriots and Washington Football Team. Stations in Denver, Cincinnati and New Orleans will each air a Major League Baseball program in the slot typically reserved for “Jeopardy!” In these cities, “Jeopardy!” will air at a later time. Fans in these cities should check their local listing for the game show time listing.

A big reason for the area preemptions is Major League Baseball’s airing of the first-ever “Field of Dreams” game. The game takes its title from a movie of the same name featuring “Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner. The game will feature a matchup between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. It will be played in Dyersville, Iowa, the first Major League Baseball game ever in Iowa. Based on the movie, the game is being played in an Iowa cornfield. MLB officials have been heavily promoting the “Field of Dreams” game as a unique experience for baseball fans.

“Jeopardy!” will return to its normal time slot on Friday evening in the aforementioned locations and stations. You can bet game show fans will be tuning in to see how far Amodio can take his winning streak. With his 16 consecutive wins, he is now the fourth highest-earning contestant in “Jeopardy!” history.