‘Jeopardy!’ Teases Intense Season Finale as Matt Amodio’s Legendary Win Streak Continues

by Thad Mitchell

The latest season of the hit game show “Jeopardy!” will conclude tonight (Friday) as the reigning champion continues his record streak.

During Thursday’s “Jeopardy!” matchup, Matt Amodio cruised through the episode to get another win. The win brings his streak to 17-games in a row and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Amodio has been dominant through his 17 wins and is rarely challenged by another contestant. Not only did he clinch his 17th consecutive win on Thursday, but he also climbed even higher into the “Jeopardy!” record books. He surpasses Jason Zuffranieri and is now the third highest earner in the show’s 37-year history. His most recent victory brings his cash total to $547,600. You read that correctly — Amodio is past the halfway point in winning $1 million on the game show. He does, however, have a ways to go to catch the top two in the top earner’s category. “Jeopardy!” legends Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer currently occupy the top two spots. Both former champions have more than $2 million in winnings from the show.

Fans of the popular quiz show are now pondering just how far Amodio can extend his streak. On their social media pages, “Jeopardy!” teases that tonight’s season finale will be an intense one. The posts also suggest that Amodio will be facing his toughest challenge to date.

“You don’t want to miss the last game of the season today!” the Instagram post proclaims.

‘Jeopardy!’ Says Champion Will Face ‘Biggest Challenge’

The brief video shows clips of Amodio’s previous wins as races through the competition. The “Jeopardy!” shares his feelings on his hot streak and what it would mean to continue.

“Just to see myself up on that stage at all is an honor,” he says in the clip. “Everything that has happened since — I just can’t fathom.”

But the video takes a turn toward the end, proclaiming the champ will meet his greatest challenge in tonight’s episode. It then shows a clip of Amodio struggling to answer a question as it fades out. Some “Jeopardy!” think the social media could be foreshadowing the end of his streak. Others believe the show is simply trying to manufacture some suspense.

Unassuming, humble and brilliant, Matt Amodio has become a “Jeopardy!” fan favorite. Most of the game show’s fans want to see him push his streak to the next level and join the company of Jennings and Holzhauer. When it comes to the world of game shows, few things are more exciting than a “Jeopardy!” contestant smashing records. The social media post from the quiz show is full of comments wishing Amodio good luck.

Should he win tonight, he will move into the new season as the reigning champ. Fans certainly hope to see more of the “Jeopardy!” champion.