‘Jeopardy!’: Upcoming Guest Host David Faber Opens Up About His Charity of Choice

by Chris Haney

Upcoming Jeopardy! guest host and financial journalist David Faber recently opened up about the charity he chose to donate proceeds to in an exclusive interview.

Actor LeVar Burton‘s one-week stint on the game show came to a close on Friday. Now, Faber will take the reins of Jeopardy! for his own week-long stint from August 2 to August 6. The trivia show has utilized a long list of celebrity guest hosts ever since legendary host Alex Trebek passed away in November 2020. The CNBC host will join more than a dozen other celebrities in taking over the game show temporarily.

One of the best parts of the interim hosts’ short tenure on Jeopardy! is teaming up with the show and its contestants to give to charities in need. Each guest host gets to pick their favorite charity to donate money to. The game show then matches total contestant winnings accumulated during their stint and donates that amount.

Faber chose the Robin Hood Foundation, which has helped combat poverty in New York City for more than 30 years. The journalist shared further details as to why he chose the foundation.

“Well, the Robin Hood organization has been around for quite some time now. It’s somewhat unique in that its board of directors funds the entire operational budget. So everything that is given goes directly out. And of course, you know, New York has always had a lot of people who are having a rough go of it. Unfortunately, that has only gotten worse during the pandemic. And so I wanted to try to focus on my hometown, and every little bit helps,” Faber explained.

‘Jeopardy!’ Guest Host ‘Feels Closer’ To Alex Trebek After Preparing for Hosting Job by Watching Him

Some Jeopardy! fans may not realize it, but this isn’t David Faber’s first time on the popular game show. In fact, he was a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy! back in 2012.

In addition, he even came out on top in the Power Players match. For his efforts, the award-winning journalist won $50,000 for the New Visions for Public Schools. The organization is dedicated to helping New York City public school students get all they can out of their educations. This was the first time Faber got to meet Alex Trebek, which he touched on in the same interview.

“You know, I was a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy!,” Faber said. “And I thankfully won. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with Alex but he did come over and chat with us and sort of help us understand what had just happened. And he discussed the game with us.”

Of course, like all of the guest hosts before him, Faber said he studied Trebek to prepare for the gig. The interim studied the iconic host closely and called him a “master” at his craft.

“But really what I actually have done is studied him in part to try and get ready for this,” Faber added. “And so, I actually feel closer to him for having done that. I watched just what a master he was. You can’t really fully appreciate it until you actually think about trying to do it. And then you try to actually do it. Oh my God. I don’t know how he did it.”