‘Jeopardy!’: Upcoming Guest Host Joe Buck Reveals New ‘Appreciation’ for the Game Show

by John Jamison

Joe Buck knows the world of broadcasting. For the better part of 30 years, the NFL /MLB announcer has been working in television. So him walking away from the “Jeopardy!” set with a newfound appreciation for a program he’s been watching his entire life says a lot for the long-running game show.

The last guest host in the long journey to a permanent replacement for Alex Trebek is no stranger to a World Series. He’s also spent a good amount of time announcing Super Bowls, for that matter. But what he wasn’t ready for, was the intensity of running a game of “Jeopardy!”

Joe Buck accepted the position because he has been a fan of the show for as long as he can remember. He also saw the opportunity as a challenge and wanted to find out if he could rise to it. And based on the exclusive guest host interview Buck did for “Jeopardy!,” he was far from disappointed. In fact, he walked out of the studio in awe of what Alex Trebek was able to do for such a long time. Further, he was blown away by the entire process.

The show asked Joe Buck what “Jeopardy!” meant to him. The accomplished sportscaster answered from the heart.

“Well, it means a lot more now,” Buck said. “Being in this studio, and being on this stage. I mean, for me, I’m just a fan. You know, I’m somebody that uses it as appointment television. It’s a way for me to see if any of my education from high school or college or conversations at parties has stuck. But now, to be on the inside of it, see how it works, see the intensity of the game, I will go home with a newfound appreciation for something I already appreciated.”

What Can ‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Expect from Joe Buck as Guest Host?

Guest hosting is merely academic by this point. We know that the executives at Sony and the “Jeopardy!” producers are deep into their negotiations for Alex Trebek’s permanent replacement. And Joe Buck was likely never looking for the permanent job, to begin with. But there is something different about the dynamic of a guest host who fans know will never appear as the “Jeopardy!” host again.

That being said, fans can rest assured that Joe Buck is taking the responsibility seriously. He elaborated on his approach during the interview.

“Here’s the thing. You have to stay within the confines of the game. But, I think anybody that came in as guest host wants to put their own stamp on it,” Buck said. “I think my wants and my personality take a back seat to the game, which is how it should be. We’ve all kind of played with the same rules and it needs to be that way.”