‘Jeopardy!’: Upcoming Guest Host Robin Roberts Opens Up About Her ‘Life Saving’ Charity of Choice

by Leanne Stahulak

Tomorrow night, “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts begins her guest-hosting journey on “Jeopardy!”

Roberts will host the popular game show from July 19 to July 23, following her fellow “GMA” co-anchor George Stephanopoulos, who hosted last week. All of the guest hosts who have filled in for the late Alex Trebek since his passing last November have also been able to choose their favorite charity. However much the contestants win during each guest host’s time on “Jeopardy!”, the game show will match in donations to the chosen organization.

Roberts chose Be The Match, a group that houses a bone marrow registry that can be used to treat blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma. In an exclusive interview with “Jeopardy!”, Roberts shared why she chose this particular charity.

“A stem cell transplant saved my life in 2012,” Roberts said. “Grateful that my sister was the donor, [because] so many times that is not the case. People think a family member, it’s automatic — it doesn’t happen but 30% of the time. So 70% of the time, you need someone off a registry like Be The Match.”

The “Jeopardy!” guest host also explained how simple it is to participate in an organization like Be The Match.

“I have been working with them since 2012, and to know that you can save a life… just a little swab and you can become a donor,” Roberts said.

See her full interview with “Jeopardy!” below:

The Importance of ‘Jeopardy!’ Matching Donations to Charities

Roberts emphasized how several charities struggled during the pandemic this year when everyone was trying to save money. As jobs were furloughed or terminated, it became difficult for some people to justify sparing precious dollars for charities.

“Like so many charities, this has been a difficult year,” Roberts said. “You know, people have rightfully been … it’s understandable that people have not been able to donate as much as they could before.”

“So this amount of money to this hardworking organization — and they’re gonna put every penny to good use — to know that people who donated, those contestants who worked really hard here in the studio, every single penny is gonna go to great use,” Roberts continued. “It means everything. It means everything to Be The Match and to me.”

At the beginning of July, “Jeopardy!” announced that they had already raised more than $2 million for various charities selected by the guest hosts. Since then, Dr. Sanjay Gupta and George Stephanopoulos have also raised nearly $380,000 for their three weeks combined. Gupta donated his funds to Odyssey, an organization focused on children’s education. Stephanopoulos donated his to Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign, focused on ending children’s hunger.

After Roberts, three more guest hosts follow with three more charities to donate to. LeVar Burton will take the stage from July 26 to July 30, David Faber will be on from August 2 to August 6, and Joe Buck will round the season out from August 9 to August 13.